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    Can Iron Fist Tournament end?


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    Can Iron Fist Tournament end?

    Post by Chomei on Mon May 30, 2016 9:43 pm

    I wanna be in Attack on Pandora already
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    Re: Can Iron Fist Tournament end?

    Post by Akira on Tue May 31, 2016 12:52 pm

    XD Like same


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    Re: Can Iron Fist Tournament end?

    Post by Toriel on Thu Jun 02, 2016 8:47 am

    I really enjoyed Iron Fist Tournament. I don't think I would have even half of the confidence in combat RP were it not for this event, and I think it would have been so much better had those who wandered off had stayed. It was a really nice and fun event, and I certainly can't wait for the next one!


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    Re: Can Iron Fist Tournament end?

    Post by Kaseki on Thu Jun 02, 2016 2:45 pm

    If y'all don't post... No one can enjoy.

    Same with every event. Those that actually participate, actually have fun...


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