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    DragCave Breeding : Hellhorse Dragon


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    DragCave Breeding : Hellhorse Dragon

    Post by Kasey on Sun Jun 05, 2016 6:47 pm



    Hellhorse Dragon (Firewing Dragon)

    This is a challenge to those who play/use DragCave. The requirements are below, as well as the reward. To complete the challenge, you must breed the required dragon. Upon trading the egg or hatchling, the challenge will be complete.

    Messy and inbred are NOT acceptable. MUST be Even-Gen.
    (Reward is 50,000 Coins)

    Basic Lineage Info:
    Caveborn : No lineage. was taken from a cave.
    Even Gen 2 : Parents are both caveborn
    Even Gen : Anytime the lineage is "Even"

    Spriter's Alt : Anytime one of the ancestors is of a Spriter's Varied Color
    Purebred : All ancestors are the same breed.
    Thuwed : Any offspring of a Thuwed Dragon. For more info on Thuweds, click this.

    Checker : Usually 2 breeds, either mother or father are always Caveborn
    Messy : No theme. Completely random

    NOTE: LINEAGE MUST BE A CLEAN EVEN-GEN. For more info on Lineages, click this to follow the Wikia.


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