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    Vanitas Remnant


    Vanitas Remnant

    Post by Guest on Fri Jun 10, 2016 5:46 pm

    Name: Vanitas Remnant
    Nickname: The Unknown drifter
    Gender: Male
    Race: Unknown Entity of darkness(Darkness)
    Age: Undetermined, but he appears to be in his teens to early 20's
    Birthday: October 31
    Sexuality: Straight
    Unique Characteristics: What makes Vanitas unique from all others is that he was created out of the darkness and negative emotions of all existing beings. Vanitas also has a remnant form that changes his appearance of armor and hair.

    Vanitas overall is a dark and confused young man who has endured much suffering by the hands of master Xehanort in his desperate desire for salvation, he has now become cunning, proud and cruel in order to achieve perfect strength and to achieve his motives. He also believes that all that have nothing to do with his motives hold no value to him and he will then show no remorse for any actions taken upon anyone in his way of his motives or anyone that has nothing to do with his motives. He is a pragmatist who will strike anyone without a thought, warning or hesitation as he has many of his rivals. Even if he is under orders of someone, he will disregard these orders if the orders have no interest to his motives.
    He is uncaring, cold and a ruthless individual, having no sympathy for anyone but himself, he holds everyone in contempt for his very being and how he feels and he envy's those who have friends. He is cruel in antagonizing anyone for having fun or enjoying themselves. Vanitas will threaten anyone's loved ones to get what he wants.
    Vanitas is arrogant and believes his skills surpass all others and finds it funny if defeated. Vanitas will taunt his opponents without care of consequences
    He has an extreme overconfidence in his abilities, which usually leads to his downfall as he underestimates his opponents when fighting.
    The only time in the his entire existence Vanitas ever expresses genuine concern and fear is when he has been defeated by Ventus for the final time. He begins to panic and makes a desperate attempt to grab the floating χ-blade in a hopeless flurry to hold onto his only way of salvation before dying. Despite his villainous and fearsome persona, however, Vanitas was actually a tragic and sympathetic character, having become the way he was due to Xehanort's ambitions and manipulations.

    - Getting his way
    - The suffering of others
    - Boasting about himself

    - Happiness
    - People having fun together
    - People sharing affection and care for one another

    - Willing to grow stronger
    - The drive to be better than all
    - Belief in ones self

    - Being defeated
    - Love and kindness
    - Happiness and joy

    Eyes: Darkish Yellow
    Hair: Black(white in remnant form)
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 210 lbs
    Complexion: Palish white skin

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    Re: Vanitas Remnant

    Post by Toriel on Mon Jun 13, 2016 5:19 pm

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