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    Ne0 No.2 Type B [Project: F.A.I.T.H]

    Neo Stigma
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    Ne0 No.2 Type B [Project: F.A.I.T.H]

    Post by Neo Stigma on Wed Jul 27, 2016 4:53 pm

    Name: Ne0 No.2 Type B [Project F.A.I.T.H : Fate Altering Integrated Telepathic Human]
    Nickname: Faith Calibrun
    Gender: Female
    Race: Automaton
    Age: Unknown
    Birthday: Manufactured Date April 1
    Sexuality: Demisexual
    Unique Characteristics: Faith is an automaton developed Neo Stigma himself in order to take over Necro Wonderland upon his "death". Faith's skeletal structure is made out of Armageddon Steel, he flesh made out of a synthesized flesh developed from the cells of Neo Stigmas late wife, Jessica Caliburn. Faith's blood is made out of Aqua Vita (Water of life) mixed with stardust from the Seven Starfalls. Faith's heart is custom made Armageddon Drive that is powered by a Soul Shard (a crystallized part of someones soul that posses immense amount of power). She often wears a black dress, and black cloth or some type of visor to cover her eyes (Faith can navigate and fight with out any difficulty when she her eyes are covered. This is dued to her heightened automaton senses)

    Personality: At a glance Faith seems to be a cold, stern young woman, with order and control in her mind. Her firmness, strictness, and charisma is a sight to be hold. Faith is the type of girl who can command armies with the a sway of a finger, move the hearts of the masses with few words. Intelligent and resourceful, Faith can easily seize command and manage an abundant amount of resources. People often mistaken her as a cold uncaring robot, due to the fact she is an automaton. In reality Faith is an earnest girl, though she is an automaton her emotions are pure and true. She leads with sternness so that compassion may flourish, she is cold so that that people around her can feel the warmth of success. Faith strives to give everyone around her faith, to have those around her believe and to trust one another. Faith is often likened to be the motherly or older sister figure of those around her. Despite her harsh remarks, she does this to correct those close to her. Ultimately people gravitate around her drawing closer to feel her kindness. When spending long enough time with Faith, people often times forget that she an automaton and isn't human...

    In battle Faith is ruthless, much like her fathers (creators) personality she is relentless. She attacks with utmost ferocity, power, and speed. Yet when she fights it all comes together in a smooth and graceful yet deadly attack. She strikes with utmost elegance and beauty enemies may even find it captivating and enchanting. Her kindness often vanishes without a trace, leaving her as a machine of war. Victory is only on her mind, Faith observes and evolves moving one with her opponents as if it was a waltz of death. Faith does her best not give up, if she is defeated she returns stronger and even more determined. However, she does know when to give up when it comes to the lives of others, she is willing to lay down her arms to find peaceful resolutions.

    - Faith enjoys cooking and baking all sorts of delicious food.
    - Faith enjoys reading and learning new things.
    - Faith loves music, she sings and plays the piano, harp and the violin.

    - Faith hates betrayal, it is one thing she can never forget.
    - Faith dislikes unnecessary violence.
    - Faith hates being ignorant and not knowing things.

    - Faith wishes to uphold her fathers will, to bring happiness to those she cares about.
    - Faith wishes to find a way to become a real human girl.
    - Faith wants to become stronger so she can protect the things she cares about

    - Faith is afraid that people won't accept her because she is an automaton.
    - She is afraid of failing her fathers wishes.
    - She is afraid of being weak and unable to protect the things she holds dear,

    Eyes: Silver
    Hair: White
    Height: Faith is 5 feet and 9 inches tall
    Weight: Faith weighs about 125 pounds
    Complexion: Faith has very fair skin



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    Re: Ne0 No.2 Type B [Project: F.A.I.T.H]

    Post by Yama on Thu Jul 28, 2016 3:10 pm

    > mixed with stardust from the Seven Starfalls.


    [15:17:49] Isobu : Funny lil eyepatch you can see through? Sure
    [15:18:01] Isobu : Steel that literally destroys everything? lolno
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    [15:18:51] @ Neo Stigma : its for aesthetic, not like its going to do anything
    [15:19:00] @ Neo Stigma : negated by aquavita water of life
    [15:19:11] @ Kaseki : If anything, it's flavor text
    [15:19:16] @ Neo Stigma : steel destroys aquavita creates its negated
    [15:19:19] @ Kaseki : Which is never included.
    [15:19:31] @ Neo Stigma : they cancel each other out
    [15:19:42] @ Kaseki : Is that stated?
    [15:19:47] @ Neo Stigma : shyt
    [15:19:55] @ Kaseki : Because tbh I stopped reading after I saw starfall.
    [15:20:08] @ Kaseki : Idc if that's the case
    [15:20:10] @ Kaseki : needs to be stated.

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