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    Alice in Waterland [Light]

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    Alice in Waterland [Light]

    Post by Don Quixote on Wed Oct 12, 2016 5:53 pm

    Job Title: Alice in Waterland
    Job Requirements: 7 posts, 150 words each. Only one character.
    Job Location: Kingdom of Kai
    Job Description: While exploring the outskirts of the Kingdom of Kai you find a worried woman next to a well. When you go to ask her what's wrong you find out that her daughter, Alice, was playing in the yard and accidentally fell down the well. Go rescue the little girl. Be careful though, as she may try and run off after you save her!
    Enemies: N/A
    Reward: D-Rank Reward Dice.

    [b]Usernames:[/b] (Who is going on the Mission?)
    [b]Location:[/b] (Where are you going to complete your mission?)
    [b]Class:[/b] (What classes are the participants?)


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