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    Hinatoru Shiba The Demon of The Onyx Flames DONE

    Hinatoru Shiba
    Hinatoru Shiba


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    Hinatoru Shiba The Demon of The Onyx Flames DONE

    Post by Hinatoru Shiba on Fri Oct 24, 2014 8:39 pm

    Name: Hinatoru Shiba
    Nickname: Demon of the onyx flame or Beast soaked by crimson rain.
    Gender: Male
    Race: Demon
    Age: 22
    Birthday: August 27th
    Sexuality: Straight
    Unique Characteristics: Hinatoru has a scar going down from his right shoulder to his left hip along with several smaller scars marking his arms and legs.

    Personality:Hinatoru is actually rather cheerful for the stereotypical demon, while others of his kind prefer to run around terrorizing humans and slewing anything that moves Hinatoru prefers to enjoy a nice night with an animal by his side. While Hinatoru is passive outside of battle, within battle his normally gentle compassionate eyes become harsh steely soulless pools of chaos. In the middle of battle Hinatoru is known to show no mercy to his opponent no matter what they look like, after spending most of his young life within the demonic world only due to his father’s reputation allowing him to stay Hinatoru quickly learned that things are not what always as they seemed.  When Hinatoru is around people that he knows he is usually smiling and very friendly except for when those people are hurt or being harassed by someone he doesn’t know. While it is very strange for demons to ever show feelings such as love Hinatoru is not your typical demon. As Hinatoru reached the tender age of ten he was forced to leave the demonic plain after his father’s untimely death. Due to Hinatoru’s banishment he has come to hate the demons that killed his father and forced him into exile.  
    When Hinatoru is around someone he cherishes  he always seem to smile while in contrast when he is near people that he hates he tends to hold a rather icy glare. While Hinatoru holds a kind and compassionate exterior specific event from his past make it very hard for him to trust people on a deep level. If a person were to attempt to bring up anything about Hinatoru’s father Hinatoru will go into a rather disturbingly silent state of being in an attempt to try and preserve his sanity. All an All Hinatoru uses his cheerfulness as a shield to protect his rather soft and rather damaged spirit from those he believes to wish harm upon him.

    -a night resting under the stars.
    -The moon
    -a warm campfire
    -The scent of fresh rain

    -His own demonic form: Hinatoru and his father never really saw eye to eye and Hinatoru's demonic form reminds him of his father and he'll only use it if his life is at risk.
    -Holy beings

    -A home : Amongst demons Hinatoru is the most human looking causing him to be banished from the demonic realm.
    -Peace and Quiet: Hinatoru only wishes to live out his life peacefully.
    -Love: Though it is uncommon there have been demons known to feel love for others.

    -Sunlight: Like most demons Hinatoru has an aversion to sunlight.
    -Lose  of his "humanity": Hinatoru fears one day he'll lose his sanity and become nothing more then a raging beast.
    -Angels: Hinatorus' a demon enough said on this.

    Eyes: Red
    Hair: Black and long tied into a ponytail
    Height: 6.2
    Weight: 154lbs
    Complexion: Pale

    Level: 1
    Class: F

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    Re: Hinatoru Shiba The Demon of The Onyx Flames DONE

    Post by Sonya on Wed Oct 29, 2014 12:50 pm

    Per request of the admin grading this, I will be taking over this app. I see no problem with it so...


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