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    Post by Saru on Sat Oct 22, 2016 8:58 pm

    Still reading the rules! Thanks for the wait

    "I'm the drunk biker robot from the future...What? I'm serious!"

    Name: BosoZeroku009-#1488 Class Z
    Nickname: Red Tetsu
    Gender: Male
    Race: BioAndroid
    Age: 5 (Appears early 30s)
    Birthday: 1/4/20XX
    Sexuality: Asexual

    "Let's ride baybee"

    Unique Characteristics:
    Clad in the trappings of a bosozoku, a red coverall emblazed with logos collected from around the world that paint a picture of the personality of it's owner. His shoulders hold his serial code and back the sign of the Red Ribbon army. Under this holds a mechanical body hidden from sight resembling that of a biker jacket though made of hardened steel. The chassis glowing around the rims of the black, white and red armour that looks stylized as a typical biker's jacket that flows into his mechanical legs and boots so too made to look like a pro biker's outfit. His head is disguised as a biking helmet with flairs of hair that flick out to the right resembling what may have been if he wasn't made of steel and had gasoline pumping through his veins. No eyes are to be seen besides a visor and steel lips that never move usually covered by a black surgical mask in typical biker fashion.

    Freedom in it's purest form is Tetsu's code. Hating to sit and be strapped down to anything whether it's study, a relationship, family or even friends the biker with the heart of steel prefers to ride solo from town to town on his modified bike hoping to reach true freedom. Because of his carefree and unattached or even unhinged personality he is often seen as selfish or uncaring but truly his desire to be free stems from another aspect of himself, one of his deepest fears - the concept that he is obsolete. Too stupid, too slow, too outdated. He knows he'll never be 'fast' enough to keep up with the best so he leaves the best behind instead living in ignorance and choosing bliss because all in all it is a better world for the biker who knows his time is running out. Who knows that at any moment his time will tick over and the world will pass him by.

    He has a tendency for the rock and roll lifestyle, a bottle of jack daniels and blasting heavy music as he rides around causing as much mayhem as he possibly can. Enjoying the concept of chaos, the true freedom he views as it is the most spontaneous and free version of existence he can think of and thus views himself as not an agent but rather an advocator of chaos. Trying to sew it's seeds if he can but not making it any sort of direct goal, happy to work for people if it is a temporary measure but never being tied down to the point where he has no freedom itself. Though designed to be a heroic android he is far from the fact, being an addict to alcohol and unable to shake the temptation to drink for more than a day or so before buying a new bottle becomes his next goal.

    He has an aversion to women, not a hatred but rather he feels they cause trouble and hasn't met one he has any desire to be around with. So too does he hate the weak, not in the form of a megalomaniac dictator but rather he views anybody who is not willing to 'die' and fight for their treasured beliefs should not hold them at all and looks down on those who show cowardice in the face of destruction rather choosing to believe that destruction waits around the corner for every man and that it should be embraced when the time comes. He can be seen as cold hearted because of this but rather tries to hide it through the use of humor or a tough guy persona.

    "I'm all about the classics baby. Live and let live, freedom and rock and roll. That's me. That's all me."

    - 80's Rock
    - Motorcycles, Mecha, etc
    - Booze
    - Bosozoku culture

    - Pansies
    - Restrictions of any kind
    - Lack of booze
    - Women

    - Freedom
    - Fun
    - Boredom
    - The next cask of whiskey

    - Irrelevance
    - Obsolescence
    - Weakness and Cowardice
    - Becoming attached to anybody/anything.  

    Eyes: N/A - Black Visor.
    Hair: N/A - Head shaped to resemble spiked hair though
    Height: 5'10
    Weight:  57 kg (125.7 lbs)
    Complexion: Red, Black and White.

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    Re: Tetsu

    Post by Fetus on Thu Oct 27, 2016 3:25 pm

    [Don't forget to visit The Elder for a lineage (bonus powers), as well as the
    Job Board to select your Origin! (This will determine what rules your magic follows.)]

    (Note: Just because you're an android, doesn't make you stronger than those of the same level.)


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