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    Toka The Viper W.I.P


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    Toka The Viper W.I.P

    Post by Toka on Mon Oct 31, 2016 9:32 am

    Name: Toka
    Nickname: Toka The Viper
    Gender: Male
    Race: Divine
    Age: 22
    Birthday: 7th June
    Sexuality: Straight
    Unique Characteristics: Has Deep Black rows of sags under both eyes. Consists of a Unusual Yellow upright string of hair as well as unusually Sharp teeth and fingernails.

    Personality: Toka has a calm yet protective personality especially with ones he cares dearly for .within a non combatic zone he’s peaceful and doesn’t like to show his bad side as well as this he will try to make new friends but seems difficult as he’s shy and to desperate onto them though he barely ever speaks regardless the situation of things he likes the sight and taste of blood and has a predator view on things such as humans yet being a divine which of is a so called sacred person he includes a edgy personality which implies he likes to make fun of people and be mean on people for the most smallest of things up to the biggest even the extent of laughing at someone crying about a dead relative he fights only to protect people he cares about yet he has a strange bond with all snakes and reptiles implying had only try and attack if provoked by someone killing a reptile or friend or snake or simply threatening to kill one of the 3.within a Combatic zone when provoked he will attack unsuspectedly and try be friendly and nice till the last second were he’d strike the opposition he would normally taunt and laugh and take pity upon opponents and would plea to them only to strike them when finally convinced yet his true fighting technique is unknown but is at least known to be representative of a viper he’s smart and willing to take any chance to gain power or to win at any cost he is a obvious sore loser and a obnoxious winner during combat he likes to make new friends and speak unusually a lot when fighting and talks about how strong he is and loves mocking the opponent on how weak they are to him he would normally ignore and begin going serious if the opposition is stronger or brags about their strength yet he can easily be emotionally crushed if taunted about his relatives which were all murdered by his own hands.

    -he likes reptiles
    -likes Ramen
    -likes the sight of family’s together

    -hates snobs
    -hates water
    -hates any tone of green

    -to become the strongest
    -to be praised upon all
    -become the new universal leader and god

    -that his relatives will come back for revenge
    -that he will die.
    -hates mushrooms.

    Eyes: black with bags under them
    Hair: black with a yellow flick on the top
    Height: 1.78m
    Weight: 195.5pounds
    Complexion: a smooth light peach tone

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    Re: Toka The Viper W.I.P

    Post by Kaseki on Mon Oct 31, 2016 2:02 pm

    Hello and Welcome to the Unknown Lands! When you are done with your app, please post in the Help Desk. It's how all admins and mods see what apps are ready to be checked!



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