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    Meguro Issen


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    Meguro Issen

    Post by Meguro on Sat Nov 19, 2016 12:06 pm

       Name: Meguro Issen
       Gender: Male
       Race: Oni (Demon)
       Age: 421
       Birthday: October 3rd
       Sexuality: Pansexual
       Unique Characteristics: Meguro wears an array of golden jewelry, including an orante headdress. They are decorated with almost exclusively emerald stones. His eyebrows are rather thick and his hair reaches to the bottom of his neck, with some of it being braided. He also has a mustache that would make even the most sophisticated of gentlemen look in awe and jealousy.

       Personality: Meguro tends to be rather....loud. Loud and commanding. He expects things to work as they should, becoming annoyed or agitated when something malfunctions or breaks for no reason. Be it actual objects, processes, or people. Though not necessarily quick to anger or particularly violent, it tends to be too easy for him to raise his voice at someone who doing something wrong. Even if it's minor. This leads many people to believe he's strict, which is not the case. If something breaks and there is a reason for it, Meguro won't mind much. Now if it breaks out of no where and its brand new, that's when he's bothered. When it comes to meeting and just interacting with people, he is actually quite reserved and silent despite what his appearance may suggest. His movements are graceful and his voice is smooth, almost monotone.
    In combat, Meguro prefers to either take the pure defensive or offensive stance. It's either blocking and evading until he could put a well placed strike or flat-out attempting to rip his opponents to shreds from the get-go. He rarely toys with his opponents unless he wants to see the full of extent of their capabilities and rarely goes in with a plan unless he needs too. Its more fun that way. He isn't against calling in allies for help either.

    Some certain traits of his is his tenacity and evident disregard for collateral damage. Due to being an Oni, he also has a rather appetite for various foods, including flesh. Cooked and raw. When it comes to what motivates Meguro, its his hunger for more power. While it may not show or be as evident as with others, he does want to become stronger and stronger. He wants to rule the world with an iron fist. A world where might makes right. Because of this, Meguro has a sort of disdain for weaklings. However, he believes there is more than one way to be strong. Even if your body is frail, you still have your mind and magic. He is even willing to take those who are weak under his wing if they desire to become strong. Thus, a weakling to him is someone who is weak in every possible way and wishes to stay like that.

    Loyalty means a great deal to Meguro, and will even uphold promises and friendships even if the person in question joins an enemy's side. So long as they do it in-front of him and not behind his back, he will uphold their honor. Even if forced to kill them, he will do on a more light note, remembering them for their companionship.

    When it comes to romance, Meguro hasn't really been in an serious relationship. Though he has married numerous people, it was mainly done out of business or to secure something such as wealth. He's never loved anyone in that sort of way, and is rather confused by such feelings.

       - Power
       - The color green
       - Expertly made food

       - Weakness
       - Traitors
       - Crowds

       - To get stronger
       - To learn more
       - Enjoy life

       - Pitch black darkness
       - Being permanently weakened
       - Spiders

       Eyes: Purple
       Hair: Black
       Height: 6'5"
       Weight: 232 lbs
       Complexion: Red

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    Re: Meguro Issen

    Post by Fetus on Sat Nov 19, 2016 12:59 pm

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