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    [Iron Fist Tournament] Mei v. Thomas


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    [Iron Fist Tournament] Mei v. Thomas

    Post by Admin on Mon Dec 05, 2016 4:29 pm


    The rules of the tournament are to be followed to the letter. No one is exempt from these rules. The only time a rule may be overruled is if both parties agree to the change.

    #1.) Everyone must fight all participants at least once. If someone drops out, all future scheduled combats are claimed as a win by default.

    #2.) All fights will be prescheduled in a predetermined area. Participants cannot change where they fight that match, however they may influence the area if agreed upon.

    #3.) Based on the rules of each individual fighter, they may risk their lives to raise the stakes. A Medical team will be present at every match unless both participants decide otherwise. The offical terms for this are as followed:

    Mortal's Edge: No medical team will be present at the match. As a result, it is possible for either participant to lose their lives. They however will receive double the prize money, and an additional Experience Reward.

    High Calibur: The more common method of engagement. A medical team will be present at the event. After the fight, lives will be restored and all injuries will be mended and recovered. The fighters will only receive a monetary reward.

    #4.) No pets, companions or intrusions will be permitted at any event. The only exception is an agreement between both fighters.

    #5.) Both participants must be active for both the fight and rewards. Failure to post in a timely fashion will have various consequences.
    After 48 hours, the last post made will count as an "Auto-Hit" and the fight will carry out as if that post is the truth, and cannot be interrupted or changed.
    After 72 hours, the inactive participant will receive a warning post by any member. This is to remind them that they have a thread that needs attention.
    After 108 hours, the participant who did not post will lose by default, regardless of the condition of the fight.

    #6.) Both fighters must be posting at least 150 words per post. Their posts may no exceed 1,750 Words. Should either of these rules be broken, their post may be up for being edited, or voided entirely.

    #7.) Anyone is allowed to spectate the fight. Spectators will have no effect on the fight at all. They may post once every 24 hours from their last post. However, if the current user is in another fight that is currently going on, they may not spectate.

    An arena placed inside the large building where most of the festivities are held. It overlooks many of the celebrations. The arena itself is caged off from both the participants leaving, and from celebrators from influencing the fight. To leave the caged area is to declare forfeit by default. The arena is octagonal, and is 100m wide. There are three of these areas located in the center of the building. Lights illuminate the flooring.
    @Mei @Thomas

    Thomas has 72 hours to make first post. Failing to do so will result in a automatic loss and a strike

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    Re: [Iron Fist Tournament] Mei v. Thomas

    Post by Yuki Yukiko on Thu Dec 15, 2016 11:26 am

    72 Hour Post Warning to @Thomas



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    Re: [Iron Fist Tournament] Mei v. Thomas

    Post by Kodai on Mon Dec 19, 2016 4:41 pm

    WINNER :

    5 EXP

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