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    Snowfall [OPEN]

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    Snowfall [OPEN]

    Post by Toriel on Thu Dec 22, 2016 1:30 pm

    Winter had come for the land of Pandora, and Toriel was more than eager to get her fair share of it. So much time spent underground had eluded her to just how amazing the fluffy white substance could be. With a multicolored scarf wrapped around her neck, Toriel trudged out into the snowy landscape of Edolas, waving to all the children and people that coped a glance her direction as she walked through. Stray dots of snowflakes clung to her messy white pelt, despite how much she'd try and dust them away. It would only be better if she could have her daughter to share the warmth of winter alongside her. Perhaps one day she would return from wherever she managed to find herself. And Toriel could only hope that she was safe out there on her own.

    She was unsure how long she had been walking along the faint remains of a road hidden deep beneath the satin snow, but soon a half-burried bench materialized in the distance, barely even noticable by it's white blanket. All it took was a little kick and a bit of dusting, and the hard wooden surface was revealed, just for her rump. And hanging right above was a burned out lamp post, the glass frosted over from the cold. It was amazing how much the landscape changed with the coming of the weather. How strange his world was..


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