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    D-class Job

    Lee Yao
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    D-class Job

    Post by Lee Yao on Tue Oct 28, 2014 5:30 pm

    Job Title: Creatures of Darkness Part 1
    Job Requirements: Max 4 F rank or 2 D rank, 100 words per post 12 posts minimum
    Job Location: Taalos Trees
    Job Description: A group of Pandora Scientists are working on gathering as much information as possible on a possible new threat to the Realm. Your job is to go to the target location where these creatures have been showing up frequently and get as much information as you can. What is already known about these creatures is that there bodies are made of darkness and they have an appetite for hearts of the living. If you encounter these creatures you must survive long enough to get as much information about them as possible. If you last long enough to encounter the boss and defeat it there maybe more work for you in the future.
    Enemies: The creatures you may encounter have come to be known as Heartless. There are several different types that have been seen of late.

    Weak: Shadow's - Seem to be the most basic form of Heartless has two known abilities. Physically weak can die in one hit.

    Claw - Does a quick slash with its sharp claws dealing D rank damage.
    Shadow Slide - Flattens itself to the ground to avoid damage and increase its movement speed for a short time. Doesn't seem to attack at all while in this form.

    Normal: Shadow's x5

    Strong: Soldiers - Another Common form of Heartless. These Heartless seem to be more physically built and have some kind of strange crest on their chest. They are brisk in their movements, and rush into their opponents. Can die in two hits and Two known ability.

    Claw - Does a quick slash with its sharp claws dealing D rank damage.
    Spin Kick - Jumps into the air and spin-kicks its foes on descent dealing D rank damage.

    Boss: Guard Armor - This creature is very big and takes the shape of a suit of Armor. Its limbs can detach itself from its body and perform various powerful attacks. Dies when you destroy the chest after the limbs are destroyed. Gauntlets and Hammerlegs die in two hits and the Armored Torso dies in four after the limbs are destroyed. If you attack the Armored Torso first it will draw health from its limbs to sustain itself.

    Spinning claw: The Guard Armor's Gauntlets spin around trying to hit its opponents dealing D rank damage. Looses ability when Gauntlets are destroyed.
    Stomp: The Hammerlegs Stomp around to hit its opponents dealing D rank damage and knockbacks enemies 10 meters. Looses ability when Hammerlegs are destroyed.
    Tornado: The Armored Torso spins around at high speed creating a mini tornado around itself dealing C rank Wind damage.
    Smash: The Guard Armor jumps into the air and body slams its opponents dealing D rank damage and stuns all opponents that were hit for 1 turn. Looses ability when both Gauntlets and Hammerlegs are destroyed.

    Reward: D-class reward dice. If you face and defeat the boss an extra D-class reward dice and access to Creatures of Darkness part 2 job.


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    Re: D-class Job

    Post by Kaseki on Sat Nov 29, 2014 4:26 pm

    If this is going to be a multiple part job, I need all pieces made.


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