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    Post by Randous on Wed Feb 08, 2017 7:20 pm

    Name: Wildcat
    Owner: Randous
    Type: Weapon
    Rank: Weak

    One of the guns Randous himself has designed for customers of the girly variety. It's a small pink handgun capable of holding up to five rounds of ammo at once. It's got minimal range but packs enough firepower to get the job done. It's specifically designed to have less kick than most guns .
    Length: 1ft?
    Weight: 1lb
    - Deals 1 D rank Damage Per Shot
    - Holds up to 5 ammo at a time
    - Range of 10m
    - Bullets move at 5 m/s
    - Reloading pistol takes a full post
    - No use for melee combat
    - Metal Slayers can eat bullets
    - Shots are loud alerting anyone within 20m the shooters position


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