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    Clockwork Rapier-Simple [weak]

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    Clockwork Rapier-Simple [weak]

    Post by Sly on Fri Feb 10, 2017 8:28 pm

    Name: Clockwork Rapier-Simple
    Owner: Sly
    Type: Weapon (sword)
    Rank: Weak

    A standard rapier made from tiny gears, pivots, supports and other components from a pocketwatch; well fitted together to create a mechanism. The steel plates are well moulded together, hiding these gears, and the edges, sharpened. Gears move in a 'ticking fashion' but they only serve for aesthetic purposes.

    Length: 48.5 inches
    Weight: 1.5 lb

    - Does D-ranked damage
    - Light


    - Poor cutting weapon. Slashing will only produce a superficial cut that bleeds a little.
    - Only the fort of the blade is strong enough to block (~20inches from the guard). Any further along the blade is less durable than a typical weak weapon (3 weak hits or 1 D-rank spell).
    - Melee weapon only. Good luck using it as a javelin. It's too light.

    Ability: N/A

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    Re: Clockwork Rapier-Simple [weak]

    Post by Nameless on Sun Mar 04, 2018 1:24 am

    [Sure, enjoy.]


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