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    History & Information

    Post by Blood Horizon on Fri Apr 14, 2017 6:11 pm

    Brief History: Blood Horizon, an organization all based around power. Janna founded this organization in order to gain more power, after her training with Metalicana, the dragon that taught her the slayer Arts.  She decries more power, she thirsts for it, and so she started Blood Horizon in order to gain furthur power, and from there it grew from a few members very quickly. People heard of the organization seeking to gain as much power as possible, and those who wanted power flocked to the organization, having heard of who Janna was. Though it never grew incredibly large, the organization gained a small following,  as well as a few solid members.

    The organization based itself in the mountains of De Fiore, in minerals rich areas, as tribute to Janna, who preferred an area with metallic elements, and some rarer as well, so she could draw upon the power of these elements were a stronger organization to target her. This choice also protected them from some enemies, as trekking this mountaons and attacking a mountain base wouls be difficult foe any ordinary enemy. Now living in the mountains, the organization is doing well, and aims ever higher, to become the most powerful in the world.

    Organization Goals: Blood Horizon was founded for one main reason: power. This organization desires power, ruling the world is their ultimate goal. More than anything else, this organization wishes to become the leaders of a new dark age in this world, with Janna as their queen, guiding the world to a new Era of terror. This organization will stop at nothing to achieve power, even if it means sacrificing their own to obtain their ultimate goal.

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