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    Meeting The Queen


    Meeting The Queen

    Post by Guest on Mon Apr 17, 2017 7:12 pm

    Kazai was having a pretty good day. He had woken up staring at the ceiling, wondering about what he was going to do today. That was a pretty good day to him, other days was him training more of his assassin skills. The boy yawned gently, he wasn't tired, but he was experiencing the effect of just waking up. That's when it all went to hell. Kazai sighed, closing his eyes in frustration, he knew what was going to happen. A kunai was shot out of a nearby wall directly towards his head. The boy jumped up as high and fast as he could, latching onto the ceiling with magical energy that coursed through his palms. He blasted off the ceiling as multiple kunai hit into where he was just sitting. Kazai screamed out in pain as a thin cut appeared on his face as a kunai cut into his skin. He cursed, he was too slow to dodge the rest of the blows, so he had to aim for the less fatal parts of his body. A kunai slammed into his shoulder blade, and he could feel the metal point against his bone. Another kunai entered his forearm, one entered his thigh, and the last one was right on his foot. The silver-haired boy fell to the ground screaming, blood pouring out of every wound that was inflicted on him.

    Alas, this was just a regular day for the assassin. Kazai groaned as he stitched his wounds and replaced the kunai into the wall. He needed to do this, to train, this is the training of an assassin. Kazai scoffed, he earned more severe attacks than this when he was three years old, this was nothing. He groaned as he finally yanked the last kunai out of his shoulder blade. He looked at the blood, the red liquid eerily sliding down the blade. He shook his head, too much blood, too many scars, one day it needed to stop.

    Kazai stood up and threw the bloody kunai on his bed, he'd clean it up later. Right now he had a meeting with the leader of the Blood Horizon, Janna. He had joined this organization a week ago, he needed power, and this was the only way. Kazai walked into the main room of the Blood Horizon. He saw Janna sitting on her throne, she looked quite exquisite when she was in the middle of the room, and so much attention was drawn to her. He kneeled, "My liege. I'm glad to see you again," Kazai didn't really know what to do/say, but he assumed that he should bow in the presence of her, the throne was exhilarating. "How may I serve the Blood Horizon?"

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    Re: Meeting The Queen

    Post by Janna on Tue Apr 18, 2017 6:34 pm

    The queen was waiting. A new member of her organization was to be meeting her today, and should be arriving any minute now. Briefly, she wondered the kind of person he was. We he here for power? Was he here because he wanted to win? Was he here for money? The first one seemed most likely, power was the reason people flocked to her. The queen of blood, as she was called sometimes, was a powerful force, one to be reckoned with, who had resources most would be unable to amass.

    Her delicate chin tilted upwards as the boy entered the room, the same age as her, though far less elegant. Her brown eyes fixed upon him as he kneeled, proclaiming how glad he was to see her again. This made her happy, it was always good to know people wanted to see you. But then he asked the question she hated so desperately: how to serve the organization. Anger flashed through her eyes as she stood from her throne, robes billowing around her.

    "The organization requires obedience in all things. We're you not told that when you joined? This includes not asking "how" and instead serving the organization without thought. You will follow me, and I will show you exactly what is needed from members of our organization." Stepping forwards, she beckoned for him to follow her, to where his "punishment" would take place. This was to be a lesson, one he would not soon forget.

    Re: Meeting The Queen

    Post by Guest on Tue Apr 18, 2017 7:26 pm

    Kazai cringed, he felt a wound open up at the sudden jerk of his body standing up and following his liege, or so he liked to call her. He was right, he didn't need to ask, he needed to do. Kazai would follow Janna into wherever they were going, he hoped that she wouldn't hurt him too bad, he had just gotten ripped apart by sharp, cold, kunai.

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