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    So This Is What It's Called [Private]

    Post by Ramen Fighter on Mon May 22, 2017 5:36 pm

    He leaned on the railing with his armed crossed. The sun was beginning to set. His mind still raced with a thousand, no... a million questions. It seemed as if his family had gone missing. He was no longer sad, angry or sorrowful. To him, it was just another price he paid for the freedom of a world. Perhaps he was the one missing, and they both were waiting for him.

    "I wish I could see them all again." he would say softly to himself.

    A breeze would appear for just a moment, carrying various colored leaves with it. Ramen's gaze remained fixated on the murky water, watching for the insects, something that always reminded him of his father.

    But there was so much left to him to resolve by himself. By wishing for this haven, people were liberated by force into purgatory. It was true, it was his grandfather's realm, but he couldn't help but feel the void. He saw nothing but darkness. He was no longer Fiore's hero. Here, he was just another outcast. Just another wanderer.

    Just as his grandfather was, years ago.



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