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    [Recruitment Event]Festival of Twilight[OPEN TO ALL]


    [Recruitment Event]Festival of Twilight[OPEN TO ALL]

    Post by Guest on Tue May 23, 2017 4:24 pm

    More so than usual, Drachenburg was bustling and lively. There was a very good reason too. It was time the very first festival that celebrated the founding of the town and its protectors. The Festival of Twilight. All the citizens were busy preparing for the festivities. Setting up food and game stall, gathering magic items like lantern lacrimas to light up the sky after sundown, and much more. Every mage in town was put to work with preparations.

    This festival would have the works, including a magical firework show to end the night. While everyone was busy working. Rin was going around to see who all needed help. The thought of a lively festival to celebrate her beloved town and organization made her incredibly happy. Hopefully, with any luck, Rin just might be able to recruit some members to the organization.


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    Re: [Recruitment Event]Festival of Twilight[OPEN TO ALL]

    Post by Maleficence on Wed May 24, 2017 8:24 am

    It had been quite some time since Kiara had done anything productive. Ever she had completed that zombie task, she had gathered enough money to pay her rent five months in advance and she had enough left over to live comfortably, which meant she had no reason to work, no reason to fight no reason to train. The only problem was that this would have to come to an end eventually and unfortunately for her today was that day. With no more food in her cupboards and refrigerator and her rent due it was time for Kiara to head out once more and look work. How fun. Dragging her corpse out of bed and getting ready she would head out into the city to find some work to do and probably get wasted.

    After a few hours of wandering around, Kiara would find herself in Drachenburg, where ironically there was some sort of festival going on. “The festival of Twilight? Sounds fun.” Kiara said to herself after reading from a flyer that was handed to her by some random kid. She had heard about the opening of some guild in the area but she didn’t pay it much attention, but now she was sort of interested in what was going on. Deciding to stick around, she would roam the festival looking at the different stalls and what they had to offer.


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