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    Post by MZaroff on Wed May 24, 2017 9:47 am

    Name: Punisher
    Owner: Maria Zaroff [@MZaroff]
    Type: Weapon
    Rank: Weak
    The Punisher:
    This weapon is a moddified assault rifle that may be assembled through three distinct parts. The first one is the actual weapon itself in that although it may be used by itself, its accuracy lessens during long ranged missions. The second of these parts is the scope, which increases the parameter so that it obtains much more accuracy for mid- to long-ranged missions. The last part is the silencer which adapts easily to the weapon itself and allows it to be used for covert operations. Unfortunately, the silencer, though, is currently not included until weapon is upgraded and ability slot used.

    The weapon itself is made up of silver alloy with a mix of Ironbark and Armaggedon steel for both its decor and fragments of the weapon itself. This makes it so that it becomes durable (see below for more information) as well as maintains it in a beautifully polished furnish. The weapon itself is lightweight and easy to carry around (normally kept in a holster around her upper thigh) but takes a while to put together in the moment.

    Length: 5.43"
    Weight: 45.7 oz.
    -  The modification, as well as the addition of the scope, allows it to be used as a long ranged weapon of up to 20m straight ahead.
    - Houses five bullets per clip that deal damage that deal D rank damage each.

    - If unprepared in advance, it takes a post to fully assemble its parts.
    - It is made of silver alloy so it cannot easily pass through metal detectors without raising a commotion.
    - Breaks after 1 D/3 Weak ranked hit
    - As it is a mid- to a long-range weapon, it doesn't hardly any use for close combat and can prove disadvantageous during a close quarter combat scenario.

    Ability: N/A

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    Re: Punisher

    Post by Kaseki on Sat May 27, 2017 8:36 pm

    So what is this? A rifle or a pistol? because the wording on this determines greatly on the range of the weapon, as well as size.


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