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    Heart of the Volcano:

    Heart of the Volcano:
    Description: Once, centuries ago, the world was not at all like it was today. It was a wild, ferocious place, filled with primal energy just waiting for those with the knowledge and ability to take it. There were several of these individuals, known as the Shamans, throughout the realm, and each one was the champion of their particular environment. Vulthos was the Shaman of Flame: Hotheaded, explosive, and swift to act, he was the champion of the volcanos. His mastery of magma was legendary; even today, his descendants retain a portion of his mighty primal power.
    Ability: The descendants of Vulthos retain a connection to the flames of the world, giving them protection from fire at the cost of taking extra damage from cold. They are also able to cast basic flame spells and can call upon the fire within to enhance their hand-to-hand fighting capabilities.
    Heat resistance: Users have a 30% resistance to Fire, at the cost of a 20% weakness to Ice magic.
    Fireball: Users can cast a Fireball spell that does damage equal to their rank. The range is 30 meters, and it has a cooldown of 4 posts.
    Fire Within: Users can call upon their 'inner fire' to enhance their attacks with flame. It grants the user 50% extra fire damage with physical attacks for five posts, with a cooldown of 7 posts.
    AHHH! I'M ON FIRE!: User gets the Fire element in addition to their own.

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