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    I am so lost...[cynthia]


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    I am so lost...[cynthia]

    Post by Shoni on Fri Jun 02, 2017 10:27 pm

    The growling of his stomach was all he could hear as eric walked through the forest; "shut up stomach, i know, you're hungry i get it!" he yelled at his stomach almost looking like a madman as he slowly came upon a nearby town blushing but looking around his surroundings confused. noticing a couple he walked up to the two "excuse me!" he started before the couple walked away from him making him stop and sigh "great..where the hell am i?" he mumbled to himself knowing he was now completely lost. Sighing he looked around the city starting to walk into the city hoping to find some sort of sign or something that would give him an indication of 'hey..genius..you are here' wheather it was a sign or something to help his clueless brain out as he ignored the people around him at first before hearing people to growl and gripe at him.
    Cynthia Celeste


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    Re: I am so lost...[cynthia]

    Post by Cynthia Celeste on Sat Jun 03, 2017 5:31 pm

    It hadn't been long since her long time friend Rin had convinced her to join the organization known as Twilight Dragon. While Cynthia typically despised loud and over crowded places, she couldn't refuse Rin's request as they had known each other for years. Originally, Cynthia had been good friend's with Rin's adopted father, Demyx and came to know Rin through him. She thought of her as a little sister and was had they reconnected with each other after Fiore had been transported to this world.

    Cynthia was out for a stroll during a rather quiet time of day, which were usually a rare occurrence here in the City of Drachenburg. Even despite it being not nearly as bustling and loud, Cynthia still couldn't have peace of mind. So, as usual, she was on edge and rarely talked to anyone.

    Only reason she even lef the quiet kitchen of the guild hall, was to procure some groceries from the local market. Hopefully, no one would try to bug her.


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