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    Sealing His Fate [Open]

    Shirou Fate

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    Sealing His Fate [Open]

    Post by Shirou Fate on Sat Jun 10, 2017 2:44 pm



    He stood there, watching. There was nothing he could do. If he went in to save her, he would die. The screams were heard as the building went up in flames. But he knew it wasn't Rin's screams, but her assistant, a foolish girl who rushed in to save her. Shirou knew though. She was already dead. It was by his bloodied hands that her spine snapped. It was by his wishes and hes doing that the small house was set aflame.

    He dropped the gasoline container onto the ground. The screaming stopped. He smiled and turned away from the carnage. He would go into town. The woman was gone for good. There was no need to listen to her annoying voice. He had things to do. He was a royal guard when they were taken into this world, but he was no honorable guard. With enough money, he would turn away from crime, and in some cases, even aid in it. Here, he was king. It was his rule. All he wanted now, was a few pawns to do some simple work for him.

    He needed allies. Not servants.


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