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    The Huntress and the Merc [Private]

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    The Huntress and the Merc [Private]

    Post by Randous on Mon Jun 12, 2017 10:54 pm

    ( @MZaroff @Amber )

    The mercenary walked around the blue grass plains of the strange world known as Edolas, with the young child accompanying him in his travels as he searched for the one known as Nameless - the creator of the identity "Randous". The mercenary had long forgotten his true name, though flashes of his memory came to him at times. Random images of ninjas, experiments, and a little girl crying were all he had been able to retain thus far. Nameless had tortured him, experimented on him. And although he had obtained enhanced strength, speed, and regenerative properties - he could not remember who he was and what he lost. All he could remember was the torture he experienced under his care. He would find answers.

    By whatever means he had to use.

    The little girl was accompanying him also in search of the creature, though he had yet to learn why. He knew her company was pleasant, reminding him of the girl in the visions despite her appearance being quite different indeed. Maybe it was her demeanor. He couldn't quite say.

    "We should probably take a break," he suggested as they found a nice big tree with which they could enjoy the shade and rest for awhile. His feet wouldn't mind a little break from walking and carrying all of his gear.

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