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    The Wandering Soul Reappears

    Daemon Spade
    Daemon Spade

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    The Wandering Soul Reappears

    Post by Daemon Spade on Wed Jun 28, 2017 7:10 pm

    Alyst Cruz formally known as Era the former headquarters of Alyst Cruz the guild that took fiore by storm and defeated the corrupt MC that ruled for centuries.  Within this walled city stood a simple tavern called The Wolf Fang. The Wolf Fang is run by former traveler and current bartender Daemon Spade. Spade spends his days currently enjoying the occasional  customer or large groups that moved from town to town. Daemon while currently retired  was once a mage that served Alyst Cruz during their beginnings and stayed a secret member until the group had summoned him back from his journey. Now with the guild taking on a new form Daemon decided it was time to go into retirement yet told his friends that if they even needed his services they simply had to call.

    The current time was eleven thirty and Daemon was slowly getting the bar up and running; with a slight groan Daemon slowly bent backwards to crack a few vertebrae in the lower sections of his spinal column to help get the blood flowing properly after his daily training in the early hours of the morning.


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