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    A-T109 Item

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    A-T109 Item

    Post by Soul Eater Aika on Thu Jul 20, 2017 3:02 pm

    Name: A-T109
    Owner: ???
    Type: Weapon (Axe)
    Rank: Strong
    Description: The Atlas Corporation was a company funded by The Agency a long time ago. They were contracted with outfitting all members of the organization with various tools and weapons. They made few items for public use, other items were taken from the ruins of the headquarters when the founder of The Agency decided to set their legacy aflame. Now the public have collected various military grade items. No one is entirely sure how these items work, or why they look so odd. But they are used now for various life necessities.

    This weapons is part of the melee weapon line. These were regarded as the "Alfa Project" which was known as the first line of weapons manufactured by the company. They were mostly crafted from scrap and made to be discarded at times of deployment. They were cheap, crude, and easy to made, and not to mention highly durable. Most, if not all of these weapons were made to be strong and few had additional abilities.
    Length: 4' (Total) [Handle : 10in]
    Weight: 14lbs
    - For the size, is very light
    - Can be used as a blunt force
    - Very cheaply made
    - Doesn't blend into anything
    - very rough, cannot be placed in a scabbard.
    Heavy Handed: Weapon deals C-ranked/Strong Damage
    Mass Production durability is 20 Weak Hits / 5 D Spell hits


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