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    Setsuna Guide [WIP]

    Nissa Drax

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    Setsuna Guide [WIP]

    Post by Nissa Drax on Sat Oct 07, 2017 4:44 pm


    The color of their eyes are crimson, to shinobi, they are often mistaken as Uchiha. The clan members vary in appearance, however, they are often very beautiful in terms of looks and they stop aging after their twenties and reach full adult height at the age of nineteen, in other words; the Setsuna clan are immortal, and remain unwearied with age. In addition to their immortality, the Setsuna may recover from wounds which would normally kill a mortal human. However, they can still be slain, or die of grief and weariness. Often the members of this clan are pale in color, due to the lack of going outdoors. Afterall, the Setsuna are nothing other than vampires. . . .

    - Kali Setsuna


    The clan began many years ago during the time of the ruler of the lands known as The Rabbit Goddess, truly known as Kaguya Ōtsutsuki. During the time of her madness many of the people coward in fear whereas the Setsuna clan at the time wished to rid of the horrid Demon; no longer a Goddess. They pursued their inevitable demise and when the time came for battle the Setsuna was almost wiped out in a single night in under a fraction of a second. However, Kaguya placed a curse on the clan for their accursed bloodshed, as the leader of this attack managed to make her bleed with a minor laceration to the face with the tip of his blade. In that small shimmer of a second she was in fury but at the same time astonished of the determination of the clan. They fought a battle they could not win and sacrificed everything for the sake of the people of the lands. Kaguya gave into her motherly instincts to teach the fools a lesson. She infused a portion of her chakra into an orb that exploded across the fields of the fallen. It scattered a black miasma and affected all the remaining survivors on the battlefield in hopes of causing their family to slowly perish. The miasma quickly went away as it came and a curse was placed upon them and it would suddenly make its way into their bloodstream instantly.

    Defeated is where she them and she left them to rot in heartbeat without explanation. The curse gave them an unquenchable hunger in agony. The curse had a directive: let the blood always flow. The curse slowly began to kill off one family member after the other like dominos but the leader of the clan would not give up. Eventually he stumbled upon their salvation; blood. Drinking the blood of others from either human or animal seemed to quench their thirst. Blood with someone of chakra nature tend to taste and deliver a bigger punch to their bodies. Soon they became powerful in their own way over the course of time but because of their thirst for blood many other clans began to eliminate the Setsuna the minute rumors had travelled across the lands. To turn the tides in their favor the clan eventually discovered a diet that was akin to a clan in the Leaf Village. The remaining members learned to control their thirst and eat many delicacies with minor need of the blood supplement.

    As of today there still lingers scattered factions of the lost clan throughout the lands. Most of them have forgotten their origins and many outsiders of the bloodline do not believe they exist anymore. After all, many of the remaining members learned the way of life to survive in the shadows like the ninja. What once was forgotten became lost. Truth became legends, legends became myths… Stories will always remain in the history of mankind of humans who became monsters that feed upon their fellow kind… The entertainment of others for whatever amusement will never stop; the legends of Kyūketsuki was born anew. Once stories became fiction of entertainment the members of the clan slowly crawled out into the light and yet still unnoticed. Their curse soon became under more control through the essence of time from generation to the next. The curse that was once passively active of all their strengths and weaknesses had became sealed within the blood of the clan respectably. They are able to live with more harmony than before of this present day. Their control of their curse has established their survival to be extraordinary. This curse became the Kekkei Genkai and has sprouted a new dojutsu.

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    Re: Setsuna Guide [WIP]

    Post by Queen Kali on Fri Dec 15, 2017 11:58 pm

    Add me to this, please. <3


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