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    Kasekimas Day 14: Dice Day


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    Kasekimas Day 14: Dice Day

    Post by Kodai on Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:44 am

    Am I early? Oh well. Sucks to be an admin I guess.

    It's that time I give away crap for no reason!

    Kasekimas is a celebration both OOC and IC. As the days progress,
    new prices will appear. Some events will in on-site in-character but
    most will be in the news section. Traditionally, every day is a new
    event so be sure to be on every day!

    Gift Points:
    @Ruby Snow: 262
    @Mei : 208
    @Don Quixote : 498
    @Shane : 1240

    Org Points:
    Sunagakure : 10
    Blood Horizon : 2
    Majestic Majesty : 10

    Don Quixote : [x12 Trash Dice]
    Shane [x1 Mythic Item] [x2 Trash Dice]
    Ruby Snow: [x1 Trash Dice]
    Mei : [x8 Trash Dice]


    If you name is not on the list, roll x1.
    This is your starting total.

    All users may roll x1 Trash Dice, or choose to receive 100 EXP.

    Users may use NPC and Alternate Accounts, however
    they must tag an account that is not their own. They
    may only roll a Normal Dice x3. If they tag another user
    whose name is not on the list, they may roll x5, and claim
    half of the rolled value rounded down for themselves.

    (GP is increased by face value.)

    You may roll using only approved accounts.

    You may ONLY use 1 account to play.

    You may NOT use NPC accounts.

    When you post your roll, tag the account that you want to
    give the points to. (ie: Tag your main)

    Trying to cheat this system may result in a loss of funds

    You may NOT use deceased accounts.

    (Exclusions to these rules vary based on day.)

    [Funds will be added when this part has concluded]
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    Re: Kasekimas Day 14: Dice Day

    Post by Shane on Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:38 am

    I will choose to receive the 100 exp.


    Don Quixote
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    Re: Kasekimas Day 14: Dice Day

    Post by Don Quixote on Mon Nov 13, 2017 1:01 pm

    @Shane wrote:I will choose to receive the 100 exp.

    Me too thanks!


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    Re: Kasekimas Day 14: Dice Day

    Post by Mei on Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:35 pm

    @Don Quixote wrote:
    @Shane wrote:I will choose to receive the 100 exp.

    Me too thanks!

    Yeah same!


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