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    Post by Belladonna on Sat Dec 02, 2017 9:06 am

    Name: Caitlyn Belladonna
    Nickname: Bell, Bella, Belladonna
    Gender: Female
    Race: Half-elf
    Age: 29
    Birthday: August 19
    Sexuality: Straight
    Unique Characteristics:
    - ears tips are very long pointed, the tips tapering and dropping behind her head.
    - eyes have no pupils
    - wears two jade and gold earrings
    - Caitlyn never removes her gloves, and nobody can actually say they have seen her do so.

    Personality: Most people see Bell as a cold and calculating woman of few emotions. She is very dedicated to her work or the task at hand, and her determination makes her see it through at all costs. Some might even say that her methods are strange or dangerous. Caitlyn is a woman of few words, and most that she dies say are often to herself- out of bad habit. Sometimes she can be distant and detached from the world, stating into nothing or flinching away at unseen things.

    Caitlyn values justice above all else, wishing to see those that would otherwise cause chaos or break laws, and harbors a strong hatred towards gangs and mafias. She is not above using violence as a means of an end, and would otherwise gladly do so.

    She is very much calculating and cunning, preferring to watch and study her targets to get a better idea of how to destroy them, or other people to get a read on them.

    After her childhood tragedy, despite as much as she tries to hide or cover it up, Caitlyn is periodically plagued with visions of her dying relatives and voices of their screams, and berates herself constantly for not being able to help them. She uses hunting criminals and evil as a way to both redeem herself and distract herself from her own mind, but it still manages to come through every now and then. The stress becomes more evident over time, the strain she puts on her body through sleepless nights and longer hours working.

    When not out fighting crime, which is a time far and few, Caitlyn frequents bars and exercises, and is and likes to tinker and work with weapon parts. She is quite handy in repairing weaponry and other small things with her hands.

    - Guns
    - Cherry flavored things
    - Hunting criminals/evil

    - Criminals and those that cause disorder
    - Men
    - Being restrained

    - Protecting the innocent
    - To see Urban City with no crime activity
    - Create the perfect sniper rifle

    - Her visions
    - Losing people she cares about
    - Winged insects (such as locust)

    Eyes: pale light blue, has no pupils
    Hair: ash blonde
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 127 lbs.
    Complexion: fair, unnaturally smooth, soft and without blemishes
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    Re: Belladonna

    Post by Shane on Sat Dec 02, 2017 1:18 pm

    You forgot some capitalization but otherwise it's fine. Approved.


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