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    [Monthly Challenge] January Weapon Merchant

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    [Monthly Challenge] January Weapon Merchant

    Post by Fetus on Sun Dec 03, 2017 12:07 am



    Weak Weapon/Item (1/2 D) : 5,000 Coins
    Weak Weapon/Item (D) : 25,000 Coins
    Strong Weapon/Item : 75,000 Coins
    Legendary Weapon/Item : 150,000 Coins
    Mythic Weapon/Item : 250,000 Coins
    Unique/Rare Weapon/Item : 10 Sacred Shards & 100 EXP

    Link below an APPROVED item you would like to sell to the
    merchant. When item is linked, it will no longer belong to you,
    and will become property of the merchant. The sold items
    may appear on the market for repurchase, or may be archived
    from the site to never be used again. Unique items will be held
    and placed in the ULRP vault to be redistributed again.

    User may create new items to take advantage of this, as well
    as link as many items as they own.


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