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    The tales of Ko Samoya


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    The tales of Ko Samoya

    Post by MoonlitMagic on Tue Dec 05, 2017 7:57 pm

    Ko was born on a stormy November night to her loving parents, Hiro and Ayasha. She was second born, her brother Natsu coming first, but being the first girl she was the apple of her father's eye. She inherited her father's hair and eyes and the love for animals from her mother. Growing up Ko didn't really have to worry about much. Her family lived in the Samoya family compound with all her cousins and siblings but was a family favorite, her charming personality and large blue eyes earning her whatever she wanted.

    Going to the academy Ko was laid back and observant for the first year, the second she opened up and became more popular. Ko became known as the spoiled blue girl which she ignored with a roll of her eyes. When she was assigned into a squad after graduation Ko didn't take anything any more seriously. She showed up late, slacked off, and made jokes instead of pay attention, much to her sensei's chagrin.

    Everything changed when they went on their third mission. After showing up late and putting them behind schedule they were ambushed by a group of ninja. Watching her friends and sensei get attacked, her teammate injured, something clicked inside of her. She attacked with a fury she had not know, bleeding from multiple lacerations, her anger blinding her to the pain. After they got away Ko started to pay more attention. She wasn't late, actually payed attention, and took ninjutsu seriously. She excelled in all her skills, passing the top student in her class and becoming a positive member on her team. Not everything changed in her, on her days off she was still carefree and lazy, joking around and spending time with her family.

    As she got older she went on to the chuniin exam, failing the first time but passing the next year. From there Ko took off. She started taking missions left and right, saving up the money and training as much as possible. Ko rented her own room in town, wanting to get away from her family for a bit. She had a few relationships here and there, but no one was interesting enough for her. When she came of age she started to go out on the town and made more friends. To this day she is known as Blue and seen down at the bars, flirting with young ninja and sharing drinks with friends. She takes missions often to keep up with her money, Ko is waiting for her next adventure!

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