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    Nissa's Bow

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    Nissa's Bow

    Post by Don Quixote on Sun Dec 10, 2017 1:15 am

    Name: Kalidar
    Owner: @Nissa Drax
    Type: Weapon (Shortbow)
    Rank: Legendary
    Description: Nanashi purchased this bow for his lover - Nissa. A Longbow made from Black Iron and tied with constructed with a strong string- the bow is capable of making accurate shots from far off in the distance. The arrows are made with steel. They are not to be taken lightly!
    Length: Bow: 3 ft/ Arrows: 14 inches long
    Weight: 5lbs
    - Each Arrow Deals C rank Damage
    - Arrow travels at 17 m/s
    - Arrow can travel up to 45m
    - Arrows do not make noise when fired
    - Can only fire one arrow at a time
    - Can only fire five arrows in a single post
    - The bow only has forty arrows in a single thread
    - Must enter the thread with the bow either in hand or on back.
    - The Bow has a Health of: 10 Weak Hits / 4 D Spell hits
    - The arrows are small and therefore easier to dodge due to their linear path of movement.
    Ability: Poisoned Arrows: Arrows that hit the target also lower the target's speed by 5 levels for 2 posts. This is on account of Poison Arrows that lower reaction time once the poison enters the bloodstream.


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    Re: Nissa's Bow

    Post by Nissa Drax on Fri Dec 22, 2017 10:39 pm



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