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    Nameless Returns From The Dead, Believe It!

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    Nameless Returns From The Dead, Believe It!

    Post by Nameless on Thu Nov 06, 2014 7:12 am

    The day was night, and stars filled the sky. Not a soul was awake but the guardsmen themselves. He was in the ground, or rather... in a box over a hole. "Well this is a first." Nameless said, pushing the walls of the casket. He swung it open and stepped out. He stumbled in doing so. "Someone much older than Bliss. I see." He said, looking down at his feet. He raised his palms into view as he slowly adjusted, "A powerful choice." he said to himself. Nameless was going to infect Darkurr during their fight, but he knew his curse still existed. Even if he was completely destroyed, be would be forced to take on another life, not by his own doing. "Naruto..." he said softly. He saw the reflection of his new face and matched it to a picture beside him. There were flowers all around his body, and notes directed to a Naruto. "... Well then it's time." he said quietly, trying not to alarm anyone or awake people. He crept along the floor and made his way to the exit.

    "Naruto..." he said looking back at the casket, "I only wonder how much you've impacted this world. For influence means power... and you seemed to have a very influential life. Heh." Nameless may have had the power he was looking for.

    Enough to start the Agency from scratch.


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