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    Fairy Tail's Fairy Tale

    Shirou Fate
    Shirou Fate

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    Fairy Tail's Fairy Tale Empty Fairy Tail's Fairy Tale

    Post by Shirou Fate on Sun Mar 04, 2018 12:28 am



    He was a royal knight. He was. He isn't anymore.
    He used to be nobility. In this world, none of that mattered.

    This city was his new home. Before here, he had nothing. His past life removed from his mind and lost to time. No one asked of his true past, and none asked of the former master, Rin. This guild was once draped in evil, under the name of Twilight Dragon. It was risen into the light and reborn as Fairy Tail.

    This city loved him. He was their master. He rebuilt this city and made it perfect, as if it was untouched by Pandora. Few left the city, but more and more entered. Each was welcomed with open arms, but it seemed as if not all would honor this new mayor-ruler. They loved him. But they didn't.

    He was ill, sick, and the few surviving members surrounded him. This large castle was their home, and as more and more entered the city, few and fewer members seemed to return home. No one could figure why, until now.

    "Coffins." he spoke as he lay within his own bed. He spoke out to the few that stood beside him. He was ill, but he was not dying. If he did not find an antidote, then surely his fate was sealed. His skin was pale, he begin to sweat.

    "Watch out for Laughing Coffin." and he would lay back in his bed and close his eyes. He was going to sleep, and perhaps when he awoke, his world would be different.

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    Fairy Tail's Fairy Tale Empty Re: Fairy Tail's Fairy Tale

    Post by Sly on Sun Mar 04, 2018 1:22 am

    A dragon called to him through a letter, an offering into the ranks of one of the organisations of this realm. At first, he thought this was just a ruse. Just some random person shoving mails in everyone's mailboxes trying to make a cult. But he had confirmed such was not the case. Only he had this letter, and contained within it was a document, providing him temporary entry past border security and into the realm of De Fiore. Specifically, the letter told him to meet the writer at Drachenburg Castle. That place...

    It carried quite a history. If he recalled, it was once named Twilight Dragons. One of the supposed notorious guilds despite their claims of being neutral. And they had a change of leadership that brought the city into a different light. Still, despite the prosperity, much of the city was still a mystery to anyone within the Urban City. So wouldn't it be safe to assume the same for the people of De Fiore when looking at the Urban city? Furthermore, he found it strange that their leader would accept a stranger from a different region, who had not been alive in this realm as long as a child born here, from just his own letter to the organisation.

    Once in a life-time's opportunity, no doubt. So how could he refuse? But what about Lexia? If he went, he would be abandoning her to the cruel fate of the runnings of Urban City. He had a talk with her, discussing their options. Sly knew she didn't want to accept it, but her words spoke the opposite, and she quoted it was alright for him to go. He promised her he would be back. Just join the guild, go through the official inauguration, and then come back as an informant to the organisation. Right?

    Upon stepping out of the carriage and paying the carrier, he was instantly overwhelmed with the new vibe around the place. De Fiore. The air was much more... open than the city. Trees were natural, he could taste the natural dew of the air, and furthermore, the people here were a lot more... lively. He took a moment to rub his eyes and take in the beauty of the region. Surely Drachenburg would be something similar as well. He passed by a few warriors, and noted the different forms of magic that they carried. Large blades that could ignite in any coloured flames, and mages he could perform simple magic with very little effort like they had done it thousands of times. He passed by a battle arena, his ears almost bursting from the echoes of a ring announcer, and the roaring of flames or clashes of blades like an entire war was happening inside it.

    Travel agency advertisers wander the streets and instantly knew with trained eyes that Sly was a foreigner of the lands. He had to shoulder past a few, not wanting to ask for directions from them. Lest they refuse to tell unless he took their horse-tour around certain places that would probably end somewhere near Drachenburg. Eventually he picked up another horse carriage to take him to the city entrance. Aside from the countryside view of the plains and farms that reminded him of the old days, it was otherwise an uneventful trip.


    The first thing that he thought of when he stood on upon the outlooking bluff was the number of rivers and canals that bordered different sections of the city. Several bridges crossed them, opening up from the centre to allow sail boats to pass by. Compared to Kingdom that was the capital of De Fiore, the city was smaller but had so much potential to be just as grande. The many trees and bushes marked how much it could expand, but it would depend on how much of nature would the city impinge on. Drachenburg certainly had a Medieval vibe however. In the very centre and largest island, sat a walled castle. Sly did not need to look at the map to know this was Drachenburg castle.

    It was near the end of the afternoon, the sun almost about to set when he arrived at the front entrance. The armoured guards took his letter and documents that came with it and, eventually acknowledging his acceptance into the castle, called the gatekeeper to open their grand gate. However, upon standing in the centre of the great hall, his footsteps echoing the atrium with chandeliers and somewhat expensive and large paintings depicting heroes he did not know of, another pair of guards came down to great him.

    "Our leader is gravely ill at this time, come again another time."

    Ill? Sly said, furrowing his brows. And 'another time' was never an option. Not like he did not have enough money to pay for a stay here, but he rather not have to live with that choice. Hold on, what's happened?

    "Our leader has been poisoned. Unless you are his treating doctor, you are to come back when he is well enough to meet you."

    Sly gritted his teeth, but turned his head to the side, a hand to his chin to hide it like he was thinking. The letter must have been sent right before he was sick then. Damn it! But then again, Sly had been an apothecary before he woke in this realm. [color=green]I... well umm... I am an apothecary. Can I at least see him? Maybe I can find a cure."

    The guard gave him a suspicious look, then he took a step back. "Alright. Follow, but if you put a finger out of line, you will lose it." Sly nodded, half shrugging his shoulders as the two climbed up the stairs to the great stained glass window. The stairs would then divide to either side of the great hall, and the guards took the one to their left. And so past several hallways and corridors, they would take him to their leader's bed chambers.

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