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    Post by Nameless on Thu Nov 06, 2014 6:26 pm

    What is an adoptable? These are pre-made characters that you can take and use as your own. Simple as that. Some even include the avatar and signature!

    IF YOU LEAVE THE SITE PERMANENTLY, YOUR CHARACTER MAY BE SUBJECT TO BECOME AN ADOPTABLE. This is only true if you made your character and left forever after doing so. This means 0 threads as who you were, and also means if you were not approved. All members before, during, and after this post was made, are subject to this rule.

    To Claim an adoptable, you must have no current character on your account. Simply comment below and you can have your adoptable character

    [ADOPTABLE] Himawari Uzumaki Uzumak16[ADOPTABLE] Himawari Uzumaki Tumblr13

    Name: Himawari Uzumaki
    Nickname: (Aliases?)
    Race: Human
    Age: (HOW old are you?)
    Birthday: (Month and Day only.)
    Sexuality: Straight
    Unique Characteristics: Byakugan: The primary ability of the Byakugan gives the user a near 360º field of vision, except for one blind spot at the back of the neck above the first thoracic vertebra. Upon activation of the dōjutsu, the wielder is granted an automatic 50 meter field of vision around themselves which can be extended through training. Arguably its greatest ability is to see chakra in all its nature, including its flow and the circulation system inside the body with great detail as well as the color of chakra. Like the Sharingan and Rinnegan, the Byakugan can detect chakra sealed barriers as well as determine when genjutsu is being used.Constantly using the Byakugan over a very long period of time causes severe eye strain, becoming unable to properly perceive targets at all. This condition, however, is not permanent.
    [ADOPTABLE] Himawari Uzumaki Untitled

    Uzumaki Blood: Passive recovery of 3% Chakra per post


    - Sunflowers
    - Stories

    - Fighting



    Eyes: White / Sky Blue
    Hair: Dark Violet
    Height: (How tall/short are you? Please do not put something ridiculous, please be reasonable.)
    Weight: (How much do you weigh? Once again, be reasonable)
    Complexion: Light


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