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    Mark of the Rat (Lineage)

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    Mark of the Rat (Lineage)

    Post by Sly on Sat Mar 10, 2018 3:49 am

    Mark of the Rat


    Many centuries ago, at some point when Pandora was in peril, an Order was formed by 13 individuals, all of them blessed with the power to connect with the world of spirits. Each person was a master of an animal or beast, able to commune and summon them from the realm of spirits. They refused to rely on the gods, but they shared the same goal to protect those residing within their realm. And using their strength, they travelled the world, fighting those who dared to disturb the order and peace of the lands, and became the Guardians. However, disagreements ensued between each member, as the idea of heroism got the better of them, and eventually they wanted to impose their separate ideals upon the world of Pandora. The infighting got worse, until they become physical altercations that led to the tragic end of the Order. Upon their deaths, their bodies dissolved into spiritual particles as their souls departed to the world of spirits, and burst, sweeping across Pandora, gifting a handful with fragments of their power. To this day, whether the people of Pandora knew they were carriers or not, the power of the Order continued to pass down from generation to generation.

    Nezumi was one of them, and had the power to control rats. Despite being one of the weakest Guardians in terms of brute strength, his guerrilla tactics and leadership was unmatched. And he became the most formidable and technical fighters, using his speed to bring down his adversaries before they could raise a blade to him, and using a swarm of rats to eat his enemies until nothing but bare bones were left.

    Those touched by Nezumi are able to communicate with mice and rats, granted they are not owned by another user or NPC. They can also command them at will.

    Rat summon: Once per thread, the user summons a mighty rat, a weaker reincarnation of Nezumi himself. The rat is 3ft tall and 12ft long (tail: 6ft). It is D-ranked, but has C-ranked speed (can run up to 20m/s). Rat cannot be de-cast until the end of the thread. Duration: Until destroyed.

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    Re: Mark of the Rat (Lineage)

    Post by Kodai Today at 8:09 am

    Before I approve, is this going to be a series? If so, I'll add them all at the same time, and reward as we go, or I can hold off until they are all done for a larger reward.


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