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    Bronson Lao

    Bronson Lao

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    Bronson Lao

    Post by Bronson Lao on Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:30 pm

    Note anything red is for the demon possessing him, so his split personality.

    Name: Bronson Ioa Lao Braast
    Nickname: ???
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human Posessed by a Demon
    Age: 25 666 jk,540
    Birthday: June 6 Unknown
    Sexuality: Bisexual Straight
    Unique Characteristics: His right eye is corrupted meaning that it is colored red and that it is surrounded by shadows. Has a blue streak of hair.Has horns of course

    Personality: Starting off with Bronson he is not usually the one who likes to try to socialize, or try to talk with anyone. And if he ever did want to talk he would rather wait for someone to approach him and talk to him, Although he is interested in both genders known as female and male he doesn't usually like to openly find a relationship. Although if he was interested in them that's the only time he would approach someone to talk to them which is usually quite rare. In conclusion he is pretty much a person who would just stay in the back of a party instead of actually "partying".
    And with this it is pretty hard for him to make friends since they just don't appear out of nowhere. Well at least not very commonly. Though when he does have friends he is quite protective of them, he would never hurt anyone of them even if were to become a rich man he would refuse to do anything to hurt them.

    Bronson doesn't really get mad easily neither does he get upset easily. Though Bronson may laugh at the occasional jokes he doesn't smile much. But you'd really have to do something extremely bad to get him to experience one of those emotions. So as you can tell by all this info he really doesn't express much emotion. Maybe because his mind was broken as a child, or maybe because he was traumatized by something that had happened quite recently. However we shall get to that later on.

    Because of the fact that he doesn't get mad very easily he doesn't get into many fights due to arguments and such, but he may fight just for the fact that he has to do it to get a reward, Or if someone that is his comrade was hurt or injured by anyone. In a combat scenario he doesn't think out his attacks and just swiftly attacks, even if he needed to make a good plan in order to win a battle he does not like to put any time into thinking about ways to counter his enemies weaknesses. And would rather just attack without any actual plan. However the only time that he will plan something is if he knows when the enemy is going to use an attack but he will try to dodge it. So really he doesn't plan out anything when he's actually close up.

    Braast may act like a normal person,He may also look like a normal person or take over Bronson's body,since he can transform himself to look like someone else at first, but he actually craves for lust.He may act like a gentleman before he turns, and transforms back into his demon form. However the only reason he may crave for lust is because it's easier to suck their blood out of them. But Moving on from that he has a unique personality. He likes to trick people into thinking that he has fallen In love with them but he really doesn't love them. He is pretty much like anyone else though. He laughs at many jokes, But has never really cried before. Though he has felt sad before. He does like to start fights a lot since it's really the only he could have "fun".

    And with his personality he does get in trouble quite a lot. Braast is pretty much only known for the fact that he is a demon and that he gets himself into trouble quite a lot. But since no-one knows that "he's Bronson" they can never catch him to keep him from causing more trouble. Braast usually takes many peoples bodies and "control" them but they are not actually alive meaning that it would be much harder to make them seem more "lively" However once he had met Bronson it was easier to protect his identity. But let's talk about him and Bronson's relationship. Braast and Bronson has first met when Bronson was around the age of 15. Braast had disguised himself to be one of Bronson's friends. And he had come over to Bronson to some private area. Since he had told Bronson about some game. But at the last moment Braast had transformed himself into a spirit and took over his body so he could have a secret identity. Bronson didn't know what was happening and just allowed it to happen. And ever since Braast was able to control Bronson whenever he wants to.

    He sends voices into Bronson's mind just to make him freak out.

    So in conclusion Braast is much like a Second personality of Bronson.


    -Females of course
    -Not being caught

    -Loud Noises
    -Getting mad

    -Any other liquid that's not water
    -Being rejected

    -Being strong enough to protect a companion
    -Being able to learn how to create various foods
    -Making more friends possibly.

    -Knowing that he could almost never be caught, as even if he was caught Bronson would be facing the consequences instead
    -Being able to get stronger
    -Meeting another Demon

    -Having to hurt/kill a companion
    -Watching a companion die
    -Having the demon inside of him completely take over his body so that he wouldn't be able to control his own body

    -Bronson may find a way to remove him from his body
    -Anyone who has an advantage against his race
    -Never being able to meet another demon

    Eyes: One is red one is blue. Both red
    Hair: Black with some blue streaks of hair. No hair but he does have black horns.
    Height: 5"11 6"1
    Weight: 135 Lbs 235 Lbs
    Complexion: He has a light skin complexion.His skin is just red uwu

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    Bronson Lao

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    Re: Bronson Lao

    Post by Bronson Lao on Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:33 pm

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    Re: Bronson Lao

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