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    Gobijigan C Spells

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    Post by Don Quixote on Sat Mar 24, 2018 1:24 am

    Name: Soulshade (Level 2)
    Rank: C
    Cost: 25
    Magic: Gobijigan
    Element: Chaos
    Gobijigan C Spells Nightcrawler4
    Nanashi is capable of manipulating his own space-time dimension and using it to his whim in a fight. One of his specialities is transporting himself from this world to that one... using it as a gateway to teleport and maneuver around the battlefield at his whim.
    - Can change his position via teleport
    - Range of 10 meters
    - Instant Cast
    - Can hold objects while teleporting (due to Chaos Primary)
    - This spell has a visual tell as black clouds form when the user poofs signifying that he's teleported and giving opponents a chance to anticipate.
    - Cannot attack during the teleport or before/after the spell. Teleporting takes up all of his actions for that turn.
    - Cannot teleport others with this spell.
    - Cannot carry others with him using this spell.
    - Teleportation is limited to a straight line.
    Duration: 1 post
    Cooldown: 4 posts

    Name: Shade Force
    Rank: C
    Cost: 25
    Magic: Gobijigan
    Element: Darkness
    Gobijigan C Spells 36b0df893852108cccfc256a47299d514c905230_hq
    Along with his knowledge of Space-Time Magic he possesses some tampering with the Dark Arts. By channeling the dark energy of his dimension he can summon a shockwave of dark energy from all directions (with Nanashi as the center).
    - AoE Spell Cast in All Directions with the user as the Center
    - Deals 1 C rank Damage to Anyone Caught in it (split among targets)
    - Range expands at 10 m/s
    - Weaker Damage than most spells due to the AoE effect
    - Allies are susceptible to the attack as well
    - Maximum range of 10 meters
    - Can be eaten by a Shadow/Darkness Slayer
    Duration: 1 Post
    Cooldown: 4 Post

    Name: Gobijigan: Phase (Level 1)
    Rank: C
    Cost: 25
    Magic: Gobijigan
    Element: Chaos
    Gobijigan C Spells Tumblr_mch2liCjfo1r3sabqo1_500

    Manipulating Space-Time Energy - Nanashi is capable of transferring his physical body into his own dimension while his soul resides in the physical realm. To the naked eye he still appears to be present - but when struck with a physical blow it simply misses as if he isn't actually there. In a sense he's intangible while this spell is active.
    - Cannot be hit by Strong Weapons and lower while this spell is active (as they pass through him)
    - Physical Attacks cannot hit him while this spell is active
    - Spell is instantly cast
    -Anything he is wearing or holding is also phased
    - Spells can hit him while this spell is active as his soul is still vulnerable to magical energy.
    - Cannot attack during the turn this spell is used
    - Being hit while this spell is active cancels the spell
    -Cannot walk through walls
    - The user is stationary while this spell is in use (he cannot move and his position remains the same)
    - This is the only spell that can be used while it's in effect
    - Lasts for a very short duration
    - Is mostly a reaction spell
    - Legendary Weapons and above can hit him as they possess magical properties allowing them to hit his soul.
    Duration: 1 Posts
    Cooldown: 4 Post


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    Post by Shini Chikai on Fri May 17, 2019 1:38 pm

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