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    Terminator D rank Spells


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    Terminator D rank Spells

    Post by Randous on Sat Mar 24, 2018 2:13 am

    Name: Regenerate
    Rank: D
    Cost: 10 MP
    Magic: Terminator
    Element: Life
    Description:  Randous was experimented on by The Agency to be a super soldier of sorts (see Lineage). One of his unique abilities as a test subject however was a healing factor which involves his blood. This allows him to heal from injuries much faster than a normal person would (this doesn't make him immortal however). Healing from drastic injuries may be a useful ability, but consequently that does nothing for the pain.
    - Heals 1 D rank Damage
    - Instant Cast
    - Lower cool down
    -Requires Physical Contact
    -No other spells can be used that post by the user
    - Can't heal others, only himself
    - Takes 2 D rank Spell Slots
    Duration: 1 Post
    Cooldown: 2 Posts

    Rank: Dash
    Cost: 10 MP
    Magic: Terminator
    Element: Life
    Description: : Randous can run in a dash at high speed to either close distances or evade an opponent/attack. This is due to his enhanced body allowing him to move at greater speed!
    -Can Move 5 m/s
    -Lasts multiple turns
    -Can only run in a straight line
    -Can't use other spells while dashing
    - If the user chooses to attack then the spell ends
    Duration: 2 Posts
    Cooldown: 4 Posts


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