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    Lilinette Q. Mido

    Lilinette Q. Mido
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    Lilinette Q. Mido

    Post by Lilinette Q. Mido on Sun Nov 09, 2014 1:19 pm

    Name: Lilinette Quinzel Mido
    Nickname: Quinn
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human/Shadow Golem Hybrid.
    Age: 357
    Birthday: March Twenty-Seventh
    Sexuality: Straight
    Unique Characteristics: Lilinette has scars around left arm and both of her legs due to childhood torture. If you look closely enough, you can tell that the skin of her arm and legs is a purplish tint when compared to the rest of her body. Of course, one would have to see her naked body to do so, and with Lilinette constantly wearing her gothic lolita dresses, she is in no danger of these scars being shown. Her left arm and both her legs are made of solidified darkness, allowing them to instantly heal. Of course, this only applied with her left arm and her legs. Also, do to her being part golem, Lilinette cannot age and cannot die from natural causes.

    Personality: As for a personality? Lilinette doesn't have much of one. Due to the serious of unfortunate events which found their way towards Ms. Mido, Lilinette has fallen into a state of pure insanity. No longer valuing human lives, she views everyone as beneath her, and why shouldn't she? Being one of the oldest living beings, it is only natural that she would think herself more superior than most others. Of course, she does know her place with a few people, and a very select few people at that. Lilinette does not care much for rank, or status. Except for when it comes to Nameless.

    It isn't that she respects the man, but is more terrified of him. Even with her vast intellect, and vast wallet and expenses, she has yet to find a weakness. Medicine seems to be her best bet, but it would take a fairly strong vaccine to cure the host of such a horrific parasite.

    Due to this, Lilinette has become quite adapt to lying. And she is quite good at it as well. Spinning lies is something she does very well in order to hide her true meaning in life, creating an unbeatable titan, and multiples of them, so that she may one day find her place rightfully on the worlds throne! But first, she must get rid of her boss, Nameless. And preferably without him finding out anything.

    Lilinette is in top tier when it comes to mental ability, however, her physical one and magical one are somethings she can work on. However, Lilinette has no need to do jobs and is too busy with her alchemy/experimenting to train, that is, up until recently when she realized that her magic power would need to increase if she wanted to create a stronger army of minions.  

    - Conversation with those lesser than her.
    - Respectful, Yes stimulating conversation.
    - Easily manipulated people/people she would consider lesser than her golems.
    - Tea.
    - Bats.
    - Cats.
    - The color red.
    - The color black.
    - Golems.
    - Dresses.
    - Crosses

    - Senseless violence. She does not consider the transforming of human to golem to be senseless.
    - Obnoxious people.
    - People who try to challenge her.
    - People who treat her like a child.
    - Children.
    - The color yellow.
    - Dogs.
    - Rats.
    - A tropical climate.
    - Snow and Ice.
    - Bugs

    - World Domination
    - Destroying the Nameless Parasite
    - Creating the ultimate Golem.

    - Due to her fear of insects and parasites, Nameless is on the top of her list of things she does not wish to come into too much contact with. Of course, she would never show this fear.
    - Intimacy
    - Dolls

    Eyes: Blood Red
    Hair: Blonde
    Height: 5'1"
    Weight: Varies from 50 pounds to 120 pounds. Her weight is constantly shifting depending on how much magic she is expelling from her body. This is because magic flows through her veins and is the cause of most of her weight.
    Complexion: Pale

    RankNumber of Summons
    F1 Summon
    D1 Summon
    C2 Summons
    B2 Summons
    A2 Summons
    S3 Summons
    H4 Summons
    X5 Summons
    ?Can only summon 5 summons per post

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