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    Lexia's C to B exam

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    LET IT BURN! The Water Within Terraforming Lexia's C to B exam Empty

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    Lexia's C to B exam Empty Lexia's C to B exam

    Post by Lexia on Wed Apr 11, 2018 9:12 pm

    - Level 25 / 1000 EXP
    - 75 Posts

    Exam Information: An examination is usually a test of growth and improvement. Some teachers will go as far as sparring to test their student's strength. Other mentors will watch over their apprentice to see they have improved as a person. Whatever the case may be, the person taking the exam must undergo a change. This will vary from person to person. Some may be a simple as taking a journey into one's soul, while others may have to face a thousand ninja assassins. However, whoever is helping the participant in the thread, may increase difficulty. For a mentor of equal or greater class, the WC is unchanged. For a mentor who is a class below, the WC is doubled. For a mentor who is of the opposing alignment (based on organization relationships) the post count for the student is doubled.

    Exam Requirements:
    - 10 Post Minimum (Student)
    - 5 Post Minimum (Mentor)
    - 125 Word Minimum

    Note: Mentors are someone of equal orhigher Class, and Organization leaders may always mentor the exam, or even give a task to the member in their place.

    Cost to Skip Exam:
    - 2,500,000 Coins

    Additional Note: Organization leaders may skip this exam at the cost of 1,250,000 Coins, or with a thread of 7 posts, no mentor.

    Lexia met the prerequisites~ And I have done the exam here ^^




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    Lexia's C to B exam Empty Re: Lexia's C to B exam

    Post by Kodai on Thu Apr 12, 2018 6:07 am

    I should raise that post min . . .

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