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    New Bazaar Stock


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    New Bazaar Stock

    Post by Kaseki on Thu Apr 26, 2018 9:37 am

    Comment below what kinds of items you would like to see the shop stocked with for the month of May.

    No comments, no stock.


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    Re: New Bazaar Stock

    Post by Sly on Thu Apr 26, 2018 6:50 pm

    Dunno if this is the right format, but what about more strong custom weapons?
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    Re: New Bazaar Stock

    Post by Skylar on Thu Apr 26, 2018 9:25 pm

    There's currently 3 strong weapons in the Bazaar, as well as 2 legendary weapons, Sly... XD

    I'm gonna be rude and ask if there can be things which are Mythic or above (which are available to everyone, please!) for items/weapons. If that'd be all good xD I understand that they'd cost a literal arm and a leg, but hey! That'd be amazing!

    As for other things, maybe something like strong pets? If not, what about once of items like the alarm lacrima? They just have something which is unique to them, and can be classified as INCREDIBLY helpful when you actually have them. Or just items which have their own unique niche that they fill. I dunno, it'd be a lot of work to make them xD but they'd be awesome to have! ^^


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