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    Skylar's A rank Spells

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    Skylar's A rank Spells  Empty Skylar's A rank Spells

    Post by Skylar on Fri Apr 27, 2018 1:10 am

    Name: I'll fix you right up! Or me...
    Rank: A-Rank
    Cost: 75
    Magic: Power of the Phoenix
    Element: Life
    Description: Skylar bends the powers she controls to her will, causing her hands to glow a bright pink. She then can place her hand over a wound and is able to heal it.
    -Heals a total of A-rank damage done to the target of this spell.
    -This can be used to heal others.
    -Requires physical contact to be able to heal.
    -Deals up to A-rank damage, and nothing over it (i.e, S-rank and over damage will not be healed at all by this spell).
    -Stealth isn't an option with this as the spell lights up the area around her.
    Duration: Instantaneous.
    Cooldown: 5 posts.

    Name: You DARE to defy me?
    Rank: A-Rank
    Cost: 75
    Magic: Power of the Phoenix
    Element: Life
    Description: Skylar taps into the essence of her soul, calling upon her inner strength towards herself or her ally. After having her powers wrapped around her arms and hands, or an ally's weapon or body parts, they light up with a flame-like pink glow, drastically increasing the strength of either her or their next successful hits.
    -Upon a successful hit, regardless of its source, it deals an extra A-ranked damage to the target.
    -She can cast this on an ally, who gains the effect of this ability.
    -This can be used in her phoenix form.
    -Due to the energy given off by this buff, it can easily be seen coming and targets can compensate for this.
    -Due to it lighting up the area from the power it grants, the option for attempting to use stealth while this is active is reduced to nothing. Targets would see her coming before she could even get close.
    -This spell can burn a lot of mana very quickly which can render her useless in a fight rather quickly if she doesn't hit.
    -Each post this is active, regardless of who it impacts, costs 75mp for Skylar to keep it active.
    Duration: Sustained.
    Cooldown: 6 posts.


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