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    Post by Mizuko on Tue Nov 11, 2014 2:32 pm

    Name: Mizuko
    Nickname: None
    Gender: Male
    Race: Atlantian
    Age: 26 (appears 13)
    Birthday: Aug. 1st
    Sexuality: Straight
    Unique Characteristics:
    Mizuko is an Atlantian meaning his body is build for deep sea diving. He can breath underwater and can see clearly while underwater. His body is physically stronger build than a humans but considering his size and age he's about as strong as the average 25 year old. Atlantian's have a resistance to the  cold and water but they are vulnerable to lightning and fire. Reason they are vulnerable to fire is cause when on dry land they can dehydrate faster depending on how hot it is. For example on a hot day of 90F he would be seen sitting in a pool to keep cool or drinking water constantly. In the desert however he would be the equivalent to a fish out of water.

    While out of combat Mizuko tends to keep to himself.  He doesn't like to make contact with any humans if he can avoid it. Some might say he's shy but its more like discussed, humans tend to judge by appearance more than anything and if they see what he looks like he assumes they will resort to violence. Mizuko is a bit of a child at heart even though he's 24 years old. He gets angry easily especially when someone calls him a kid cause of his size and look. He would usually go off on anyone who calls him a kid or talks down to him like a kid. If he ever gets comfortable being around a human who has seen what he looks like and doesn't care he would open up a bit more to them. Mizuko would be a bit more friendly than aggressive and would act a bit cocky here and there. In truth he just wants to find a place to belong while he hunts for a way to get back home.

    Mizuko isn't much of a leader. He has always been told what to do his whole life. When he was at his home he would always be told were to go from the moment he woke up each day what to eat and how to train. When he came to De Fiore he had to learn how to survive pretty much on his own. Listening into crowds of people for information, he might be able to use and learn from earlier mistakes. So with that said he is a quick learner and tends to use his head to get him out of most situations. That is until someone pisses him off.

    While in combat with someone his expressions tend to differ depending on how hard pressed he is in a fight or how easy of a time he's having. When he's having an easy time he would mess around with his opponent or better show off how cocky he is. When hard pressed in a fight he tends to keep a calm demeanor and focus hard on the fight. He likes to stick to hand to hand combat above anything else and mix his magic in with his fighting styles. He likes to test his fighting capabilities so the stronger the opponent to him the better.

    - Fighting - He loves to test his skills.
    - Relaxing in large bodies of water - Its the only thing that reminds him of home.
    - Ice - He likes chewing on chunks of ice.

    - Hot days - The warm weather dries out his skin and makes him dehydrate quickly.
    - Being called a child - Due to his race aging slower than humans people mistake him for a kid more often than he likes.
    - Humans - He finds them to be an inferior race.

    - Finding a way home - He wishes nothing more than to return home to get his revenge against his so called brother.
    - To find a friend - Deep down in his heart he wants to make a friend in this strange land although you'll never get him to admit it.
    - To survive - Mizuko is a survivor and will do anything to stay alive long enough to see home again. Even though when he was very young death is all he wanted.

    - Being alone - Being the only Atlantian in all of the world will do that.
    - Thunder - Being born an aquatic race, he tends to flinch at the very sound of thunder.
    - Lightning - Again being born an aquatic race, Lightning has always been the opposed element to water so this would be natural.

    Eyes: Black with a small hint of white to outline were the pupil is
    Hair: Aqua Blue
    Height: 5'1''
    Weight: 100 lbs
    Complexion: Gray and fish like
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    Re: Mizuko

    Post by Neo Stigma on Tue Nov 11, 2014 2:52 pm

    meh, it's ight.


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