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    Ocean Demon slayer app from FT-RP


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    Ocean Demon slayer app from FT-RP

    Post by Mizuko on Wed Nov 12, 2014 5:16 pm

    Primary Magic:
    Ocean Demon Slayer
    Secondary Magic:
    Caster or Holder:
    Caster/ Slayer/ Lost

    After nearly dying by the hands of the one he calls brother, Mizuko was saved by the Ocean Demon Amphitrite. While she tended to his wounds she told Mizuko the story on how she became the Ocean Demon. You see, a long time ago she was once human. She told him about the original Ocean Demon, how he searched for decades for the long kept secret of immortality. After he found it he went on a rampage lasting a century. He eventually became bored with his endless life and fell into a great depression. He who had lived out all of his life desires and was left with nothing else to strive for now wishes to give up his immortality.

    Long story cut short the Ocean Demon stubbles across Amphitrite's home island and fell in love with her. The other villagers became scared that the demon could turn on them at any minute and decided to attack first and kidnapped Amphitrite and poisoned her with a drug called Deadly Nightshade. Its normally used as an anesthetic for surgery but an overdose could cause a person to go comatose. Knowing that she would never wake up the Demon took Amphitrite away from the island to one of his own private islands and gave up his immortality and gave it to her so she could live through the effects of the Deadly Nightshade along with detailed instructions on how to become the next Ocean Demon.

    Ocean Demon Slayer magic is basically a magic that makes the user an embodiment of the Ocean. The water conjured through this magic has holy properties and is salt water. The look of the water is clear and has a white hue to it. Like all demon slayers, they are able to eat different variations of there own element to refuel magic power. In this case any form of water be it mud (water and earth), sleet (Ice and water) or steam (Fire and water). Ocean demon slayers can take the water element of any variation and use it to replenish there magic power but only partially compared to eating there natural element. Although they can't eat the element they conjure themselves it would have to come from an outside source.

    • Water is naturally a difficult element to avoid and dodge. It can fit into the smallest of cracks and get to places that most elements or forces cannot. Depending on its use, the user can manipulate physical properties of water to her advantage; large masses of such liquid possess remarkable force, being usable to inflict blunt damage upon targets by sweeping them away with water. A similar effect can be achieved using high-pressure currents, which, due to their reduced size, focus the damage on smaller areas. Pressure is also manipulate to a great extent, enough that when it is focused on the outer sides of the water surfaces being controlled, the liquid can become an effective cutting weapon, acting like a real blade.

    • Any type of water magic naturally has an advantage over the element of fire. Therefore, giving the user the ability to extinguish fire based magic of equal or lower rank. However if confronted with a stronger rank fire spell it wont be able to extinguish the spell but weaken it by an equal amount based on the rank of the water spells used.

    • Water also has an advantage agents light based magic's as well. This strength lets the user reflect light based spells of equal or lower rank back towards its caster like a mirror but can't do so with any stronger ranked light spells.

    • All slayer types have the ability to eat their respective elements to replenish their energy reserves. However, drinking or eating their own magic is not possible for them.

    • What can be strong against ice but it also can be the other way around. If an Ice rank spell is one rank higher than the water spell used it will freeze the water spell with no problem.

    • Lightning magic is a natural weakness to the element of water. If a lightning spell is one rank weaker than a water spell used it would be considered an equal match. If the water mage was caught in a body of water with a lightning mage, the lightning mages spells would deal additional damage by 50%.

    • Metals based defensive spells have an advantage against water spell magic. No matter how pressurized the water gets or how sharp its formed metal spells could withstand against them. However if the Metal spell is one rank lower than the water spell the water spell could break the metal cause even water can break down metal with enough force.


    Whenever Mizuko is submerged in a body of water he is healed for a set amount based on what kind of water source he's in. When he emerges from the water he looses the buff instantly.

    Ocean Water - Heals for 25% max HP per post.
    Fresh Water - Heals for 20% max HP per post.
    Own Conjured Water - Heals for 15% max HP per post.

    Whenever Mizuko is submerged in a body of water he gains an increased in his physical and spell damage by a set amount based on what kind of water he's in. When he emerges from the water he looses the buff instantly.

    Ocean Water - Increase to Physical and Spell Damage by 100%
    Fresh Water - Increase to Physical and Spell Damage by 50%
    Own Conjured Water - Increase to Physical and spell Damage by 25%

    Mizuko being an Ocean Demon Slayer has increased senses meaning he can see clearer, hear and smell better than most. His senses are increase further while underwater expectantly hearing.

    Mizuko is able to eat the element of water be it any variation of water to gain back magic power. However he can't eat the water he can conjure himself.

    Ocean water - 20% mana gained per post.
    Fresh Water - 10% mana gained per post.
    Rain water - 5% mana gained per post.
    Enemy Mage's water -
    D rank spells - 5% mana gained.
    C rank spells - 10%
    B rank spells -15%
    An A-Ranked, S-Ranked, or H-Ranked - 75% Magic Power


    Mizuko enters a into one of the most powerful forms a demon slayer can obtain. His magical and physical strength is increase by 100% and gains an aura around him that resembles that of water. In this form Mizuko's body becomes living ocean water allowing all physical damage to pass through him unharmed and all his spells don't cost any mana for the duration. When the ability has ended his magic power is dropped to 10%. However this ability can't be obtained easily, would require eating a lot of water normally being anytime of water constantly for 5 posts or an enemies A rank water spell or higher would do it.

    With a mana cost of 2.5% Mizuko can create a current around him while underwater to double his swimming speed for the duration of a post.

    Being an ocean demon slayer grants Mizuko resistance to water magic based on the rank of the water spell used.

    D rank = 80% Resistance
    C rank = 70% Resistance
    B rank = 60% Resistance
    A rank = 50% Resistance
    S rank = 40% Resistance
    H rank = 20% Resistance



    Name: Ocean Cyclone
    Rank: D
    Type: Water/ Offensive
    Description: Mizuko puts his hands together and pulls them to his side bringing forth a magic circle between them causing water to sprout forth into a compressed sphere. When Mizuko thrusts his hands forward it will unleash the compressed water and send it flying at his opponent in the form of a cyclone.

    • Quick to produce.

    • Travels at a speed of 10 feet per second.

    • Can travel as far as 20 meters before growing weaker in strength.

    • Can be easily blocked by most defensive spells.

    • Has a cooldown of 2 posts.

    • Can only target one enemy.

    • Due to the size of the attack a quick enough opponent could easily dodge it by moving to the left or right.

    Name: Ocean Wall
    Rank: D
    Type: Water/ Defensive
    Description: Mizuko extends both his hands outward and forms a blue magic circle in front of his hands. Water begins to form in front of him and creates a wall of highly pressurized water covering his height and weight to block incoming spells.

    • Can block 2 D rank spell or 1 C rank spell. If its a fire being blocked, this spell can block up to a B rank fire spell.

    • Can be quick to produce for high speed attacks.

    • This spell doesn't take much concentration meaning Mizuko can prepare an offensive spell while this spell is still in effect.

    • If the spell blocked is a lightning spell it will only be able to block 1 D rank spell.

    • Magic that can move around while traveling can easily move around the shield bypassing it completely.

    • Can only block attacks from the front.

    • Has a 3 post cooldown, last 1 post.

    Name: Ocean Demon Claw's
    Rank: D
    Type: Water/ Offensive
    Description: Blue Magic circles appear on both of Mizuko's hands and a pair of water cyclones form around his fists up to his elbows allowing for an increase in damage for his punches. Lasts for 4 posts.

    • Increases the strength of his punches by 50%.

    • Adds the element of water to his punches allowing for double damage to be dealt to those who are weak against water. (AKA Fire and Earth)

    • The cyclones forming around Mizuko's hands allow him to parry weapon attacks equal to Mizuko's rank or lower.

    • If used against a lightning user who is shrouded in lightning could end up dealing double damage back at Mizuko.

    • could reward a -25% increase to damage if used against those who are strong against water magic (example: Plant based magic) and ice magic can freeze the spell if its one rank higher than Mizuko's rank.

    • Requires close range.

    • 5 post cooldown.

    Name: Ocean Sphere
    Rank: D
    Type: Water/ Offensive/ Debuff
    Description: Mizuko places his hand on his enemies head and forms a magic circle. Water springs forth from the magic circling and wrapping around his enemies head creating a water sphere. Lasts for 3 posts and distorts the enemies hearing and blurs there vision. B ranks and higher don't get there sense's distorted but still take the damage. Slayers get there sense's distorted down to a normal human level unless B rank or higher.

    • Deals D rank drowning damage every turn.

    • Blurs vision making it harder to see.

    • Distorts hearing simulating being under water.

    • Can be dispelled by most dispelling magic's.

    • Could be frozen then shattered by a C rank ice spell or higher.

    • Requires Mizuko to touch his enemy in order to cast.

    • 3 post cooldown.



    Name: Ocean Demon Prison
    Rank: C
    Type: Water/ Supportive/ Offensive
    Description: Mizuko places his hand somewhere on his enemies body and forms a magic circle in front of his opponent. Water springs forth and surrounds his enemies entire body trapping them in a sphere of water. Mizuko's trapped opponent can't leave the sphere until dispelled or the duration runs out. During this time his enemy will take D rank drowning damage per turn he's stuck within the sphere. B ranks are trapped for only half the duration while A ranks and up are trapped for 1 post.
    • Lasts for 5 posts.

    • Deals D rank drowning damage per turn while in effect.

    • Traps enemies making them unable to act outside the sphere during the duration.

    • Can be dispelled by most dispelling magic's

    • Requires Mizuko to touch his enemy in order to cast.

    • Fire magic of A rank or higher could vaporize the prison.

    • 5 post Cooldown.

    Name: Ocean Demon Screech
    Rank: C
    Type: Water/ Offensive
    Description: This is the signature attack known to Demon Slayers. Mizuko inhales deeply, filling his lungs with water. Once he has gathered a sufficient amount, he releases the water gathered in his lungs with incredible power, moving at the speed of 30 m/s for about 40 meters.
    • The water released is highly pressurized so it can cause a nice amount of blunt damage. ( C rank damage)

    • Instant cast.

    • Can render any fire based spell from rank A or less useless.

    • Lightning based spells D rank or higher can use this as a direct route to guarantee a direct hit at Mizuko.

    • If somehow the screech was redirected or deflected back at Mizuko, the force of water can send him flying for about 5 meters and possible hurt him especially if he falls at a bad angle.

    • The screech and his high power could cause him to make less actuate shots at a far range and possibly hit an ally instead of his mark.

    • 4 post cooldown.

    Name: Ocean Demon Bubble
    Rank: C
    Type: Water/ Supportive
    Description: Mizuko cross's his forearms and begins to form water around his entire body. The water then spreads out to about 10 Meters in diameter surrounding Mizuko in a water bubble which will slow anything that enters it by 50%. This includes enemies, allies, spells and weapons. Lasts for 6 turns or until deactivated. A ranks only take a 30% slow and S ranks only take 20% slow while H ranks don't get slowed at all.
    • Slow's enemy projectiles to make it easier to dodge ranged attacks.

    • Gives Mizuko a speed advantage while fighting close range.

    • Mizuko is able to move around with the bubble keeping him at the center point meaning the bubble will follow where he goes.

    • Makes Mizuko a bigger target for lightning spells.

    • Allies and enemies wont be able to breath within the bubble and will take C rank drowning damage for every turn they are in it past there first turn.

    • Ice magic of B rank or higher could freeze Mizuko within the bubble for the remainder of the duration with no way to deactivate the spell.

    • 6 post cooldown.

    Name: High Tide
    Rank: C
    Type: Water/ Supportive
    Description: Mizuko slams his hands to the ground and forms a magic circle on the ground around him. Water will begin to flow out from the circle flooding the surrounding area in 9 feet deep water. The water will cover a distance of 40 meters in diameter and be suspended as if a wall was blocking the water.
    • Allows Mizuko access to his passive abilities to further boost his fighting capabilities.

    • Force's enemies to fight in the water or on top of nearby buildings or other objects like trees that are taller than 9 feet.

    • Slows enemies down while in the water by 50% unless there of an aquatic race as well.

    • If fighting a lightning user, anyone in the water would be one big target to them be it allies or enemies.

    • If used in a hot environment such as a desert or volcano, would shorten the duration of the spell by 2 posts cause the water would evaporate by 25% per post.

    • Requires a full post in order to cast the spell.

    • Last for 6 posts with a 6 post cooldown.


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    Re: Ocean Demon slayer app from FT-RP

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