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    Companion Conversion [SPECIAL]


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    Companion Conversion [SPECIAL] Empty Companion Conversion [SPECIAL]

    Post by NPC on Mon Nov 05, 2018 9:24 am

    Name: Companion Conversion

    Description: Sometimes, heroes retire. Some people become myths, legends, or simply just tools. They had their story, now it's time they serve someone else's. From friends, to rivals, someone may retire and serve as a sellsword, or a bodyguard. In some cases, maybe just a friend to keep you company. Companions may use items, as well as armor.

    Ability: The user is turned into a companion for purchase. Their account is locked, and they are turned into an item that can be transferred. They can only be claimed by a single user at their creation. All items owned, are transferred to the new owner. Whatever call the user is at the time of conversion, will determine Companion Rank.


    Character Name: (Put your full IC character name here.[REQUIRED])
    Application: (Link your character app [REQUIRED])
    Magic: (Link to magic)
    Items: (Link to items)
    Bank: (Link your bank)[REQUIRED]
    Master: (Tag the account that will be able to claim you)[REQUIRED]
    [b]Character Name:[/b] (Put your full IC character name here.[REQUIRED])
    [b]Application:[/b] (Link your character app [REQUIRED])
    [b]Magic:[/b] (Link to magic)
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    [b]Master:[/b] (Tag the account that will be able to claim you)[REQUIRED]

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