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    [Heaven's Nodachi Style] D Class Empty [Heaven's Nodachi Style] D Class

    Post by Azure Snow on Sun Nov 25, 2018 6:01 pm

    Name: Upper Cut Slash
    Rank:  D Class
    Cost:  10 MP
    Magic: Heaven's Nodachi Style
    Element: Steel & Light
    Description: A clicking noise can be heard as the Long Katana Slashes quickly out of its sheath to greet its enemy with an uppercut wave of steel. This Technique can be used on any part of the targets body of the users choosing as long as it follows a Slash in the upwards direction.

    + A Flash of distracting light is produced from the strike.
    + Better to use in open areas

    - Must be at least a meter away from the Target.
    - Can only Target one enemy.
    - Harder to use in a small enclosed area

    Duration: N/A
    Cooldown: 2 Posts


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    Post by Kodai on Sun Dec 02, 2018 1:16 pm

    D-rank, also you don't have the required elements.


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