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    [3] Infraction System


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    [3] Infraction System

    Post by Admin on Fri Nov 14, 2014 8:26 pm

    Infraction System:


    Consequences upon reaching a certain number of points goes as follows.

    • 50 Points - 1 Day Chatbox Ban
    • 100 Points - A Week Long Chatbox Ban
    • 150 Points - 1 Day Site Ban with alternative character creation rights revoked
    • 200 Points - A Week Site Ban with current Positions and future Position rights revoked.

      1st Trial Will Start After Gaining 200 Points

    • 250 Points - 2 Week Site Ban along with a month long chatbox ban.
    • 300 Points - 1 Month Site Ban with chatbox rights revoked.

      Last Trial Will Commence After 300 Points

    • 350 Points - You are permanently banned from the site both account-wise and IP-wise. Your characters may also run risk for adoption.


    So how do you obtain points and how many? Points vary. Simple as that. The list below shows more in depth on how the system works.

    • 1-10 points are given for minor offenses. An example could include ignoring the warnings of a moderator in the chatbox and the sort.
    • 11-25 points are given for offenses that are more serious, but not incredibly serious. Examples could include: disrespecting a moderator/adminsitrator, refusing to change something a moderator/administrator has asked you to change, etc.
    • 26-50 points are given to members who have gone above and beyond what is deemed mild. These points are given to those who have cause severe offenses. Examples of this could include: complete disregard of what administrator/moderators are saying, complete godmod, etc.

    The Trial:

    • 1st Trial: The first trial begins when a member has earned a total of 200 points. At 200 points, you  will be called in for a trial (through PM and or Skype) in which, depending on your outcome, may reduce the number of points accumilated. A group of moderators and or administrators will be selected to act as jury at random. You will be allowed to choose to be defended by an administrator or moderator as your "lawyer" or you may choose to defend yourself. If you choose to be defended, only a moderator or admininistator is allowed to request to act on your behalf if and only if they have not been selected for jury. Keep in mind that if you choose to ignore the trial then you run risk of a full on ban.

    • 2nd Trial: The 2nd trial is the last of your trials. This happens when you have accumilated a total of 300 points. You will be notified via PM and or Skype when trial is to begin. The 2nd trial will run as the first one did with the only difference being that the risk of banning is greater. Also, keep in mind that if you choose to ignore the trial then you run risk of full ban.

      At the end of each trial session, a staff member not involved with the trial will summarize it and post at the end of trial thread.

    Ending Words:

    If you have any questions relating to this system, please contact an administrator and ask. If you feel you have been wrongly punished, please wait until trial starts to say it to be so. Also, keep in mind that points will not be removed or reduced until the trial period is over and the jury have voted in your favor. Furthermore, if a moderator or administrator is on trial, consequences may and will include the revoking of staff position.

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