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    Post by Haelgor on Mon Jan 07, 2019 2:36 pm

    Name: Haelgor
    Nickname: Vassal of Penitence
    Gender: Male
    Race: Undead Human
    Age: 535 Years
    Birthday: June 12
    Sexuality: Asexual
    Unique Characteristics: A once strong body, wrought with jagged scars and searing brands, rent and woven anew time after time has been concealed by a black cloth garment adorned with bone. Of particular note amongst the various scars and markings is a vile brand carved and burnt across the back, being a means to invoke endless torment for their sins.

    Personality: Housing a broken psyche from ages of wretched existence in the name of penitence, the vassal can barely form a coherent thought much less speak it. In the event he does need to communicate, simple gestures and grunting broken words are his main forms of interaction, and even then his intentions and disposition are hard to make out. He is driven by the sole promise of freedom at the fulfillment of his redemptive contract, one which he is likely never to achieve. If left unprovoked, he will keep to himself, wandering passively in search of a means to his retribution. At times, he may become totally unresponsive, fixated on a certain object or person that catches his curiosity, almost completely absorbed what whatever it is and becoming fiercely protective of it at even the slightest act of aggression. He may seem obliviously unaware of those around him, and that may be true to a point, but if such people do not provoke him or provide any penance then he shall ignore them until such things bring him cause for attention. In the event he is provoked or brought into fighting situation, he will become quite violent and focused and mainly resorts to physical melee methods over using magic or ranged options. Being quite a simpleton with his broken mind, he is clearly unable to devote any faculties to tactical or deceptive thinking, and can prove to be quite stubborn in his aggression toward the object of his ire.

    If one can manage to get past this vassal's unresponsive natural state and form some type of friendly bond, they will find a loyal ally will to give everything to protect the ones he has bonded with. After forming some special bond with another person, the vassal will likely follow them to the ends of the world, for better or for worse.



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    Post by Fetus on Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:48 am

    Haelgor 2czy2ys
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