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    Alarm Lacrima [300,000 Coins] Empty Alarm Lacrima [300,000 Coins]

    Post by Kodai on Sat Feb 16, 2019 9:13 am

    Name: Alarm Lacrima

    Element: Varies

    Description: Lacrima Shards are created by one of four things; Dragons, Demons, Gods, and Starfalls. It is said that certain fragments of any of they will fit together to create one powerful crystal. This is a Lacrima, and is easily impressionable by the user to essentially create a lacrima of anything they can imagine if they can find enough shards. The shards could also be used to multiply the user's power, as well as gift the user even more additional powers.Their powers are bonded to the holder of the item. The crystal is green in color and had a crystal appearance. They are virtually weightless to their normal counterparts. When the holder is in danger, the matching piece will change colors to alert another.

    Effect: The user gains a pair of alert lacrima.

    Cost: 150,000 Coins each


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