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    Graffiti Rebellion!

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    Graffiti Rebellion!

    Post by Chaostothemax on Mon Dec 01, 2014 4:51 pm

    Job Title: Graffiti Rebellion!

    Job Requirements: 1-3 B-Ranked Mages, Dark/Neutral Only. 150 words per post, 20 posts; defeat the Sheriff and spread the graffiti throughout the town. If you have done the Graffiti Panic! mission, you cannot do this mission.

    Job Location: Toonville

    Job Description: A group of evil toons have formed a gang, the Spray Squad, under the guidance of a fearsome painter-mage, and have been spreading their evil graffiti throughout Toonville. They and their magical graffiti have caused havoc throughout the town, but the painter-mage felt that his gang needed a bit more oomph, so he is looking for powerful members to help him in his cause. Help the Spray Squad overthrow the local authorities!


    Weak: Police Hounds x3. These dogs are trained by police to assist them in their searches; while they aren't very strong, their tracking abilities are legendary among Toonvillians. They deal D-Rank damage with their bites, and take a C-Rank hit to defeat; while they are around (within 20 meters of you), cloaking/invisibility spells will have no effect.

    Normal: Policemen x2. These are standard officers of the law; they do not have any special bells or whistles, but they are devoted to their cause. They have ranged guns that deal C-Rank damage to any target they hit, with a range of 20 meters. If disarmed, they can also deal C-Rank damage with their fists. Takes one B-Rank hit to defeat.

    Strong: Sheriff's Aide. These officers have proved their worth through experience and hard work, and were promoted to Sheriff's assistant as a result. In addition to the same guns as their Policemen compatriots, they also wield a rifle that can do B-Rank damage every other post to any enemy within line of sight with a range of 50 meters. Their fists also deal B-Rank damage, as opposed to the Policemen's C-Rank. Takes two B-Rank hits to defeat.

    Boss: The Sheriff. The Sheriff is the leader of the local Toonville police force, and commands all of the lower-level enemies fought in this mission. He has several abilities:

    - Fire at Will: The Sheriff dual wields pistol guns that deal C-Rank damage per hit and can each be fired once a post. They have a max range of 20 meters, but travel 20 meters per second, making them hard to dodge.

    - Squad Tactics: The Sheriff inspires allies that are near him, making them deal an additional D-Rank damage with each of their attacks. If there are no allies around to inspire, The Sheriff gains this bonus instead.

    - Blazing Saddles: The Sheriff concentrates what little magical energy he has into his guns, enchanting them to fire magical bullets instead of their usual ammo. These bullets do not deal extra damage, but they ignore any defensive boosts the target has, meaning that they always deal C-Rank damage no matter what. The enchantments last for 3 posts, and has a 5 post cooldown.

    The Sheriff takes 3 B-Rank hits to defeat.

    Reward: Whatever Kaseki uses for B-Ranked rewards

    [b]Usernames:[/b] (Who is going on the Mission?)
    [b]Location:[/b] (Where are you going to complete your mission?)
    [b]Class:[/b] (What classes are the participants?)



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    Re: Graffiti Rebellion!

    Post by Admin on Mon Dec 01, 2014 5:44 pm

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